Meet The Aggies :: Alex Steinmetz

Alex SteinmetzName: Alex Steinmetz
Hometown: Las Cruces, N.M.
Major: Criminal Justice
Positon:Outside/Right-Side Hitter

What's your favorite part about playing volleyball?
My favorite part is coming to an organization where you have 18 best friends as soon as you join the team. You're all sisters for life!.

What's your favorite movie?
Boondock Saints

What's your favorite food?

Red or Green?
Green. All the way!

What's currently playing on your iPod?
Matt Nathanson

What's your favorite television show?
One Tree Hill

If you couldn't play volleyball what sport would you play?
Soccer. Hands down. I played soccer for 10 years. I've actually played soccer longer than I've played volleyball.

What position did you play?
I was the sweeper

What attracted you to come to NMSU?
My family. I got offers from other schools that were really far away and I wanted to be able to have my friends and family watch me play.

What's it been like playing in front of your friends, family and the locals?
It's a little bit more stressful than probably it is for most people who just go to college because you've kinda got that feeling of not wanting to let anyone down. At the same time it's really nice to look up in the stands and see people that you know and people that you went to high school with and little girls you coached at camp who are there cheering you on. I really enjoy it.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
I've probably had every single hair color known to man and I change it every week. I just dyed it yesterday. I'm obsessed with changing my hair color.

Favorite hair color?
Brown or red.

What do you take with you on the road to keep yourself entertained?
Laptop. iPod, cell phone.

What are you hobbies and do you have time to do them during the season?
Just being outside. I like to go hiking and rock climbing and swimming. I wouldn't say in the fall i have a lot of time but spring with the weekends I like to go to Ruidoso or Cloudcroft and hang out there for the weekend.

What does being an Aggie mean to you?
A sense of pride in the school and team spirit. Being a student athlete you're under the microscope a lot more than other people. I feel the need to not only represent the school but myself and my team in a positive way.