A View From The Stands

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A View From The Stands :: February 1st, 2009

Written By: David Holbrook

The final flight home from El Paso for Chase's collegiate career is over and it was really neat going through the airport with him this morning and having UTEP and other fans recognizing him and commenting on his game yesterday. While he only got in for two series in the first half, he did lead team Texas for a touchdown. He ended his day with 75% passing (3 for 4).

There was quite a bit of confusion in the stands as to why the rotation set by the coaches had changed and it appeared to us that Chase was being held out for some reason. We didn't find out why until after the game and had a chance to visit with Chase. Chase Patton, the Missouri QB, had only gotten a few snaps in the first half and the entire third quarter went to the QB from Tulsa. So when it was becoming obvious to Chase that the rotations were going to leave the Mizzou QB with out any more snaps possibly, our Chase decided to give his reps to Chase Patton and allow him to get some playing time in front of his family and fans that had traveled to see him. It did work out that there was one more possession remaining for Team Texas late in the game and the Coaches decided to skip Chase and play David Johnson from Tulsa for the final possessions, not sure if it was a oversight on their part seeing the Mizzou QB come off and they resumed the rotation or if they thought Chase had already played. It all worked out in the end and I once again had to eat a little crow as I found out that Chase once again put others in front of himself to allow them a better opportunity. (Kinda makes me proud, again)

Chase Holbrook and Missouri's Chase Patton
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A View From The Stands :: January 27th, 2009

Written By: David Holbrook

Chase arrived in El Paso on Sunday morning in advance of the Texas vs. The Nation all star game.  Chase was selected to play on the Texas team and is coached by the legendary Gene Stallings.  The NFL scouts and management personnel are on hand to interview the prospects and also watch them practice.  Lots of hours are set aside for one on one interviews and testing by the NFL teams.  The typical day goes until 10:30 PM.  The game will be this coming Saturday at the Sun Bowl and is televised on CSTV at 1:00 PM MST.  Chase was interviewed by 7 teams yesterday and some of those expressed interest in having him out predraft for a personal workout in front of their coaches and scouting department.

All of these meetings are scheduled in advance of the NFL combine that begins February 18th in Indianapolis and concludes prior to draft day.  We were told ahead of time to prepare for the roller coaster ride that we would experience until April and it has been that and some so far.  Chase will probably return to Atlanta after he completes this game to continue training with Competitive Edge and his QB coach Roger Theeder until somewhere around the third week of February.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support and as always

A View From The Stands :: 01/01/09

Written By: David Holbrook

The New Year has rang in and it looks to be a fast start for Aggie Football. While Chase has graduated we are still very interested in the Aggie Nation. Congratulations to Coach Walker and I hope he can get the school and community behind the program. Las Cruces and New Mexico State will rally behind a winner, but this group needs support from the get go. It will be an exciting time for Aggie football and the future should look very bright.

Just a quick update on Chase for those of you interested. He is home for the holidays, but will be leaving Monday morning to go train in Atlanta. His agent is really aggressive and has the next three months planned out. Not sure if it has been noted yet, but he will be playing on more game at the college level. Chase has been selected to play in the Texas vs the Nation game on January 31st in El Paso. One last chance for Aggie fans to get out and see Chase play. While the past 4 years flew by, the next three months leading up to the NFL draft are really getting into high gear. There are a few teams that have expresseed interest wiht his agent and there are some interviews set up in the weeks to come. I will try and keep everyone up to date on the process if you are interested and as always GO AGGIES!

Happy New Year !!!!

A View From The Stands :: 11/18/08

Written By: David Holbrook

Final home game is upon us...

I have to admit that it finally got to me Saturday evening in Fresno after the Aggies fell to the Bulldogs 24-17.  The bowl game that so many had worked so hard for and felt was finally going to materialize was gone.  No more chances, no more wait till next week.  It's over.  Not only is that gone, this Saturday's game will be the last home game for the Aggie Seniors.
While this happens at every school, every year, this is the real deal for me.  It seems like just last December when Coach Mumme called with the news to Chase about his new job.  The friends we have made over the past four years will never be replaced and while we won't make the trip to Las Cruces as often, the wife and I will definitely make it back.  I will have to resort being an Aggie fan from afar via the internet and Aggie Access.  Not sure if they have counseling sessions set up for me, but I am sure I will be in need.   Continue Reading This Post >>

A View From The Stands :: November 7th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook

Last two home games for the seniors.

It is really hard to believe that this senior group has just two home games left to play in front of the Aggie faithful. While I want to get up on my soapbox and say a few things, I know it's best to just ask the fans to come out and support their team.

Regardless of how they feel about the season, coaching staff or the price of popcorn, this group of seniors would really appreciate a loud and supportive group in the stands. I have had a hard time seeing and hearing how a few bad apples have ruined the whole experience. I ask you if you are at the game and someone boos the players or cusses them or worse, let them know that it isn't right to treat their fellow students in that manner.   Continue Reading This Post >>

A View From The Stands :: October 30th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook

Trick or Treat?

That's the question that most Aggie fans are asking about the 2008 version of the Air Raid offense. When the offense is clicking it is almost impossible to stop and certainly a treat to watch. When it struggles and injuries set in, it can down right tricky. Halloween weekend may be just what we need to get back on track after the letdown in Idaho.

The Vandals deserve all of the credit on getting themselves prepared to stop our passing game. The Idaho coaching staff dialed up a ground game to control the clock and also a defensive game plan that while it allowed some passing yardage the Aggies could only score 2 touchdowns. The NMSU defense took the ball away and gave the offense the opportunity to put some distance between the Aggies and Vandals, but Idaho held on and won 20-14.  Continue Reading This Post >>

A View From The Stands :: October 13th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook


That's about all I can get to come out when I try to talk about the game in Reno. Since my wife decided in the third quarter that I needed to take over the "It's another Aggie First Down Chant" I have no voice left. Actually it is probably because I yelled it all away in support of the Aggie football team. This was the game I have been telling Chase and Matt Mumme about for three seasons. This team needed to beat a team that they were not supposed to beat and I think being a 19.5 point underdog definitely falls into that category.  Continue Reading This Post >>

A View From The Stands :: October 10th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook

What came first?  The Chicken or the Egg?
While getting ready to depart for the Nevada vs. NMSU game in Reno, I couldn't help but ask myself the question of the Chicken and the Egg saga.
Although I substituted in 'Winning' and 'Fan Support', it still gets to the same point.  What does it take to get student body and fan support behind a team?  Is it right to ask the fans to buy tickets, tailgate and support a team that has not yet shown it can win on a regular basis? Here is my take on the subject.   Continue Reading This Post >>

A View From The Stands :: October 5th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook

As we awoke this morning and stepped outside in beautiful Las Cruces New Mexico the wife and I were treated to a fresh rain soaked air.  Now I thought the fresh air symbolized the State of Aggie football.  After a very disappointing loss to the Lobos the Aggies got back on the winning track and beat Alcorn State on Saturday morning.  With the victory the Aggies now hold a record of 2-2 and head to Reno to take on the Wolfpack of Nevada to start WAC play.
The 11:30 AM start was different and unfortunately it showed in the stands.  The reported attendance was listed as just over 11,000 but those of us present were thankful that it is paid attendance that counts.  I am sure that the High School football games scheduled for Saturday, the State Fair and the early start had more of an impact than many realized.  Remember that this game was rescheduled due to the Hurricane that ravaged the Gulf Coast region and forced Nicholls State to cancel.  While Aggie fans were forced to make choices last weekend on what to attend, we must all remember that many families in the Gulf Coast region still don't have homes to go back to.  Continue Reading This Post >>

A View From The Stands :: September 27th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook

The tailgate lots were overflowing and Aggie pride was all over the place. It was a rivalry game and Las Cruces came to show their support. From the Pride band marching with the Sundancers in tow, to the pregame festivities the rivalry between NMSU and UNM runs deeper than the athlletic competition. I saw Aggies with Lobo's and vice versa, bragging rights for a year on the line.

Tonight was the first time in the three plus years that I have attended Aggie football games at Memorial Stadium that I felt the excitement from the crowd. What an awesome display of support that the Aggie faithful showed their team during the games against the UNM Lobos.

I have seen Aggie Memorial full before, but tonight it was mostly Crimson and was intense throughout the game. The student section was loud and into the game.  Continue Reading This Post >>