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NMSU A.D. McKinley Boston 12/02/2008 Press Conference Regarding Future Direction of NMSU Football Program

Here are the highlights from this morning's press conference:

Coach Hal Mumme has been relieved of coaching responsibilites effective today.
* There will be no state or university funds used in the buyout.
* The program is in better shape than it was 4 years ago, academics, athletically stronger and faster, unfortunately win-loss record is not where it should be.
* Attendance continues to drop, revenue will be met by WAC distributions not by Ticket revenues.
* All contracts will be honored.
* Joe Lee Dunn's contract will be honored, and he will be retained on the new staff if he wishes to stay.
* Danny Villanueva will lead and Jim Peach, Kevin McGrath and other local businessmen and university supporters will serve on the advisory committee.
* 6-8 Finalists will be invited for a group interview.
* Recommendation for new coach is expected before Christmas.
* Charlie Johnson will keep the football program moving during the gap between now and christmas.
* Looking for Energy, minimum of coordinator experience, experience with the WAC and recruiting the West.
* Question: Why now and not a few weeks ago? Answer: AD was concerned more with the student athletes and wanted the seniors to finish under the coach they were recruited by.
* Buyout Figure (According to NMSU): $385000
* Was this the wish of the players. Johnson Answer: Not that we are aware of.
* Earnest Wilson and Joe Lee Dunn are expected to be candidates, and serious candidates at that.

We will have more later.

A Message From bleedCrimson.net

Good Morning Aggie Fans,

Hal Mumme's status has become an emotionally charged situation for Aggie fans. In order to maintain, what we believe to be, our level of respect with the university and the NMSU community as a whole we have taken the path that whatever is going to happen will happen and that the powers that be will make the best decision for the future of Aggie football. In the mean time we are not going to post possibly false or inflammatory information. As we have seen over the past week many media outlets, not to mention many other internet sites, have prematurely ended Coach Mumme's tenure at the university.

The mission of bleedCrimson.net from day one has been and will continue to be to promote our alma mater New Mexico State University, the athletic department, the coaches, the players and the staff in a positive manner.

In our opinion this type of situation offers no benefit to NMSU athletics from a publicity standpoint, nor is it fair to the players, families, and individuals that are affected by this situation. Until this situation is resolved, there will probably be less acceptance for links or videos that claim the end of Mumme's tenure or offer more fuel to the situation.

We sincerely hope that you can understand our position, and that you will continue visit our site for all of your Aggie Information.

bleedCrimson.net staff

Ah! Tis is a Sweet Victory Part II

The Aggies defeat the UTEP Miners 29 - 24.

Both Chase Holbrook and Chris Williams had extraordinary nights.

We will have more tomorrow, in the mean time we'll be celebrating another big Aggie Weekend, and we hope you will be also!