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Calling All Aggies :: 2009 Football Schedule

Written By: Steve Macy, NM State Associate Athletic Director

One of the questions that I have been getting the past couple of weeks is, “Where the heck is the football schedule?!?!” Good question.

Being in the WAC, we have the luxury of being a part of the ESPN family and the wonderful exposure it provides. The basketball win at Nevada-Reno on Saturday was a perfect example of that. However, there are some downsides as well.

First, there are the non-Saturday football games, which are difficult for fans in every market. Second, you get some weird start times every now and then. But, you offset those with the exposure that ESPN affords and accept it.

The hardest one of all for a marketing staff is the football schedule. Here is how it works and why we won’t see a schedule until at least the WAC Basketball Tournament.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: 2009 Ticketing

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director
January 26, 2009

I am currently working on a new ticketing plan for the 2009 football season. Currently is probably not the right word, as it has been a work in progress over the past year and a half. I am in the final planning and approval stages of what could be a monumental plan to increase attendance and revenues.

Unfortunately, I cannot release the details of this plan until it gets through all the levels of approval, including Dr. Boston, the university CFO and President Cruzado. However, I am very excited about this plan and what it will mean for the future of NM State football. Let me give you some data that we are working with to create this plan.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: Stay Calm...

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director

One of the great things about moving from a major city like Denver to a mid-sized town like Las Cruces is the ability to interact with people you know. I see someone I have met or know almost every time I leave the house. I really enjoy that and the chance to briefly visit or just say hello to a friendly face. But, what it also means is that rumors get passed along quickly.

During the past several weeks, rumors have been flying around about the coaching situation and Aggie football. It was incredible what many of us were hearing, and unfortunately, that rumor mongering is continuing as the search for a new coach is under way.

I have been talking to a lot of people over the past few days and the crazy rumors are already out there. My suggestion: stay calm. There will be many that will claim to be an insider disseminating all kinds of “facts.” They will claim to have a highly-placed friend or family member that has all the inside scoop. In fact, today someone called me to say they had heard from a very reliable source that we had already been turned down by “several coaches.” Another call claimed that the job had already been accepted by someone on staff.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: Everything In Pairs

Written By Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director

When we announced the Aggie Economic Relief Plan, there were some who were quite curious. For us in the marketing world, it is pure fun. For the past few months, we have been inundated with woeful economic news. It has been hard to watch. Our thought was to offer our very own economic relief plan.

Times are tough for many. The dollar is stretched thin and thoughts of entertaining an entire family or a group of friends are requiring a lot more thought. With our $2 ticket and concession special, we want to say thanks to the Las Cruces community by giving it a little relief. Two bucks is all it takes to get in the gates. Couple it with the game being on the 22nd at 2PM and two dollars made all the sense in the world at this time for this community.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: What a Week!

Written By Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director

November is a crazy month for the NMSU marketing staff, with four major sports all rolling at the same time. Choosing marketing priorities is difficult, at best.

But, this week, we have some great events.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: Salute to America’s Heroes

Written By: By Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director

In the marketing of a major sports program, my job is to sell tickets and raise revenues. It is that simple. How I do it is what gets most of the attention, but the job really is simple to explain. The game this Saturday though, is very different. I get to promote something that is close and true to my heart. I get to promote something that I believe in from a personal standpoint. The fact that it is also part of my job makes it all the more fulfilling.

The football game against Hawaii on Saturday at 2PM will be very special to the entire region as we pay tribute to the brave men and women that serve and have served our country.  Highlighting the halftime festivities will be a Community Covenant signing between the regional military installations, the City of Las Cruces, and New Mexico State University.  This historic event will take place during halftime and will signify a dedicated covenant to work together as one community.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: It's Homecoming!

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director

Losing hurts. Losing a game you think you should win hurts even more. As we are trying to build a successful athletic department, the on-field success is a great barometer. But, in sports, things happen and then you move in preparation for the next event. In football, it is the next game, or the next season.

Be frustrated; be upset; but, be a fan. That means you get ready for the next game. It also means that you look to the next game as an opportunity. What greater stage than to have an opportunity to do something great against the highest-ranked opponent to ever play at Aggie Memorial Stadium in front of a homecoming crowd?

Here are 10 reasons to go to the game on Saturday:  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: The Right Thing To Do

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director

I am still flying high over the results from this past weekend. One of the greatest things about being on a college campus versus being in a conference office is that you really care about the results on the playing surfaces. Winning gives you an extra bounce in your step. I have some serious "hops" this week!

This week is a very special week, indeed. It is Tough Enough to Wear Pink week and unless your head is buried in the sand, you have been inundated with information on this important week. Breast cancer touches everyone. Whether you or your family has lost a loved one, or you know someone that has battled this terrible disease, breast cancer is very real. Through a collaborative community effort, a college football game is all about finding a cure and raising money for cancer research. In addition, the two home volleyball games will also feature the Tough Enough to Wear Pink theme.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: WOW!

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletic Director

What a great weekend for Aggie athletics. OK, that is a HUGE understatement, but it is hard to find the right words to describe it. Signature program wins for both football and volleyball in the same weekend…. how do you capture that in words? Awesome? Fantastic? Amazing? Incredible? How about, “we are on the way.”

For many months, the NMSU athletic department has talked about the investments made to improve the program. Unfortunately, those improvements in terms of investment do not have overnight effects. Today, as we look at the football win at Nevada and the volleyball sweep (SWEEP!!) at #7 Hawaii, we look at each of the wins as program changing events. Each opens up the doors of possibilities. Each allows us to see the fruits of the investment labors. Each allows us to see the future as a very bright place, full of success and rewards.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: THANKS!!

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

What a great environment we had Saturday night. That is exactly the kind of atmosphere we have been building over the past few years. Thank you for being part of the night.

The cow bells worked. The cheering was loud and consistent. Quite frankly, you the fans were awesome!!

I know you share my disappointment with the loss Saturday night, but I also hope you share my continued enthusiasm for the rest of the year. We are in a marathon… not a sprint. While we always want to win the sprints, our ultimate goal is a bowl game and that one game will not make or break that goal.  Continue Reading This Post >>