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Calling All Aggies :: 09/23/08 :: Back-to-Back Rivals

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate A.D.

Yes, you might be thinking that I am talking only football here, but Saturday, September 27th is rivalry day for the Aggies. First our fine volleyball team takes on its nemesis from the Islands, #7 Hawaii at 3 P.M. at the Pan Am. Then, the NMSU football squad welcomes the Lobos at 6 P.M. at Aggie Memorial Stadium.

Fans have a tough choice…. Tailgate or go see the volleyball team against a Top 10 opponent. We are sweetening the pot a bit to encourage you to attend the volleyball match by making tickets just $1 if you show your football ticket. As always, kids 12 and under are free to all home volleyball matches. Yes, the schedule of our biggest home football and volleyball games on the same day stinks, but we cannot control that. We still ask that you give up a little bit of your tailgate time to come and support the volleyball team….they will need all the rowdy fans they can get.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: 09/17/08 :: No Love Lost For The Miners

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

There is way too much talk about must-win games this week in both El Paso and Las Cruces. I have never have been a fan of that kind of talk, because it is silly to have any time before the latter part of the season. Either team could get on a roll after a loss or hit the skids after a win. It is way too early to worrying that a single game will make or break the whole season. But, this game is huge.

It is not huge because it must be won, but it is huge because it is a rivalry game. It is OK to root against the Miners and hope that we blow them out of the water. Personally, I have no love lost for UTEP. They elected to leave the WAC citing hurt feelings over infrequent visits to their campus and a desire to have more frequent contacts with their in-state brethren.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: ESPN Deal Big For NMSU

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

Having spent over 13 years in the WAC office, seeing the long road for an extension with ESPN come to a close with today’s announcement was personally gratifying. As a member of the NMSU staff, this deal is very good for the Aggies.

Not only will the money be increased significantly, but the number of appearances on the ESPN networks will make NMSU athletics even more widely distributed. The timing for the Aggies is fantastic.

There has been significant investment in the athletic department and that investment is paying off. Men’s basketball is coming off of back-to-back championships; the women’s basketball team continues to play in the upper half of the league; the volleyball program is approaching national elite status; the football program is poised for an historic season; and our Olympic sports programs are all contributing at high levels.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: Ease of Buying Tickets

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

Ease of Buying Tickets

Sometimes processes take longer to fix than anyone wants. One of these that drive me crazy is our ticket processes. Quite frankly it is out of date, but it is also complicated.

We have a deal with TicketMaster to provide all online ticketing services. I think they are wonderful for concerts and for all-purpose facilities. I am working with others on campus to make a change that would make it easier to buy tickets through a web-based platform, but that is still months away from being a reality. So, we needed to find another way to skin this cat. I think we have a decent solution through a strategic partnership with Pic Quik.

Starting on September 1st, the 14 Las Cruces area Pic Quik stores will begin selling tickets to NMSU football games. As with the Pan Am ticket office, single game tickets will not go on sale until the week of the particular home game at the Pic Quik stores. We have essentially created 14 new ticket selling locations that are open 24 hours a day.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: Are We There Yet?

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

Are We There Yet?

Never before have I had as many people ask me about an upcoming season. There is a true sense of wonder and excitement for the 2008 campaign. How will the team be? Are we going to a bowl game? Will the defense be better? What about special teams? It reminds me of being in the car with the kids and hearing, “Are we there yet?”

Quite frankly, the town is locked in on this team and most can’t wait for the season to start. Count me in as one that is excited for Nicholls State on September 4th at 6PM. This will be a huge game, despite the opponent. It can set the table and the tone for the whole year. The defense will have a lot to say about the strength of the team over the season and a strong showing in this first game will do a lot towards building confidence.

A Dozen Reasons to go to the home opener:

1. It’s the season opener!!
2. See the new defense…. They fly to the ball and they HIT!
3. See the new kicking game…. yes, field goals are a real possibility now.
4. $1 ice cream and $1 hot dogs. The first 3,000 fans to hit the concession stands will get ice cream and hot dogs for just a buck.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: 08/15/08

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

Bring Me-Ring Me

As the season tickets are mailed to our fans, a special part of the package will be a custom-made Aggie cowbell. It is not a keepsake; it is a tool designed to accomplish several simultaneous efforts.

1. New Tradition: When I came to NMSU a little over a year ago, I noticed that we did not have any football traditions. We created one with the riding of Keystone, the horse, at pre-game. But our fans had nothing they “owned.” The introduction of cowbells fits nicely with our agriculture legacy, as well as the history associated with the victory bell.
2. Fan Interaction: NMSU football games are a great form of entertainment and they tend be a lot of fun. But, fan interaction with the game is a must to generate the kind of atmosphere we want to have at every home game. This cowbell allows fans to be part of the action and actively participate in a fun way.
3. Home Field Advantage: Cowbells are loud and annoying. I like that a lot. A loud and raucous crowd gives our football team a better home field advantage. We do not have 50,000 people in the stands, but a smaller crowd that is intent on disrupting the other team’s offensive plays can have an incredible effect on the Aggies’ success.
4. Identity: The cowbell initiative will add to the fan experience and atmosphere at Aggie Memorial Stadium. It will also create a regional and national identity for New Mexico State football. Word will quickly spread that NMSU is the place where the fans have the cowbells and we will be the only team in the WAC that has such an active and noticeable tradition.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies :: 08/08/08

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

Community Support

Things are not always as they appear. In Saturday’s Sun News sports section, there was an article that discussed the “fund-raising” events that happened last Friday night. It was a very positive article and championed the Operation Crimson Ribbon effort we are making to sell new season tickets and distribute them to military personnel and charitable organizations. What didn’t get the press was the amazing work that is being done by people in the community to make this happen.   Continue Reading This Post >>

Calling All Aggies

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

Creating Value

One of things I am tasked with accomplishing each year is selling more football season tickets. For many years our version of selling season tickets was to send out renewals, advertise the sale of season tickets and then wait for the orders to come in. The result was an average 96% renewal rate and a 4% new account rate. Stagnant.

New processes and initiatives are paramount to successful selling. Most in the community believe that the only way to move the season ticket needle is to have a successful program. I disagree. A successful program will certainly make an impact on the number of season ticket accounts, but the baseline number of tickets can be increased through marketing.  Continue Reading This Post >>