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The Daily Aggie :: 10/21/07

It was a successful Aggie double dip on Saturday for the Aggies as both the 18th ranked volleyball and the football team both notched wins on Homecoming day.

Saturday's volleyball match was our first chance to this year's version of Aggie Domination (aka the volleyball squad) up close and personal. While we have seen several matches on AggieVision one cannot fully grasp how good this year's team really is until you see them in person. We have to say that we are in awe of outside hitter Lindsey Yon. We've seen quite a few Aggie volleyball matches over the past few years but never have we seen someone hit the ball that hard. We also have it on good authority that Aggie fans have not seen her full potential. If what we witnessed yesterday was not her full potential, the WAC is in for a L-O-N-G season of trying to defend her in 2008.

While we're on the subject of volleyball, be sure to check out our volleyball expert Mel's latest entry in her blog. We seem to recall having a similar discussion with the Aggie (un)faithful after the UTEP basketball game two seasons ago (click on the link to relive our little rant).

The Aggie football team broke out the crimson on crimson jerseys for Saturday's homecoming match against Idaho and just like the first time they wore them, the outcome of the game was a victory (maybe it's a sign). Unfortunately for the Aggies, the win didn't come without a price. We had front row (not literally) seats to the collision that led to Chris Williams' injury. The Sun-News' Felix Chavez reports Chris has a stress fracture in his right collarbone and the Associated Press is reporting that Chris will miss six to eight weeks. A huge blow to the Aggies receiving corps.

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We'll have game pictures from both the Aggie volleyball match and the Homecoming football game later today.

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/20/07

It's Homecoming. Today it's an Aggie sports double-dip. First up the ladies take on the San Jose State volleyball team at 1:00 p.m. in the Pan Am. The Spartans are 6th in the WAC at 3-6 and are 9-11 overall. San Jose State heads into Las Cruces after defeating Louisiana Tech in a three game sweep, 30-24, 31-29, 30-22. The Aggies are coming off their five game victory over Nevada on Thursday night and are 9-1 and 18-3 overall, 2nd in the WAC.

Then at 6:00 p.m. tonight, the football team takes on Idaho. Idaho is 0-3 in WAC play and 1-6 overall with their lone victory coming over Cal Poly.

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On to today's links...

Teddy Feinberg of the Las Cruces Sun-News writes a commentary piece about the Aggie defense. He writes that the defense "needs to win games for you every once in a while". He starts off the article saying "One thing has been made apparent about the New Mexico State Aggies through their 3-4 start to the season. The team cannot rely on its defense to win games."

While we agree the defense hasn't always been great (i.e. the last seven minutes of last week's game), we would remind Teddy that the defense made significant contributions towards victory in two of the three games the Aggies have won. Against UTEP it was the defense that came up with the third and fourth down stands that allowed Chase Holbrook to stand back in the victory formation. The defense also intercepted Arkansas Pine-Bluff in the end zone late in that game which allowed J.J. McDermott and Chase Holbrook to drive down the field for the winning field goal. Without that pick, Pine Bluff may have scored a touchdown which would have definitely resulted in an Aggie defeat.

You can't blame the defense for the Auburn loss, turnovers and injuries on offense were the main reason NMSU lost that game, the Boise State game was also not the defense's fault. In NMSU's loss to New Mexico, for the majority of the game, neither defense was stopping either of the two offenses and Chase Holbrook threw interceptions on back to back drives which really ended any hopes of winning that game. So yes, while the defense isn't the team's best unit, it's not completely fair to say that they cannot be relied upon to win.

The Salt Lake Tribune writes that despite despite losing 12 games in a row and 23 of the past 25, Utah State is sticking with head football coach Brent Guy. We're linking to this article because it lists the salaries of each of the head football coaches in the WAC. Interesting stuff.

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/19/07 :: Afternoon Update

We're about midway through Friday afternoon so here are a couple of links to get you headed into Homecoming weekend.

During last night's broadcast of the Aggie volleyball game, sideline reporter Jenean Ford interviewed women's basketball head coach Darin Spence. Spence said that this year's team will be able to "defend, defend, defend and score a lot easier". This is good news because anyone that has followed the Aggie women's hoops team knows that their primary weakness the past two seasons has been the ability to score.

Pete McEntegart of's Fan Nation provides his weekly preview for NMSU's football team (Thanks Vic). has their Fearless Prediction for this week's game between the Aggies and Vandals. They fearlessly predict and Aggie victory, 30-17.  Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: 10/19/07

It's Day Five of Homecoming Week and if you checked the Homecoming calendar of events you would know that it's Crimson Day.

Last night the Aggie volleyball team avoided a home loss to rival Nevada. If you check in late last night you probably saw our quickie post about the match. If you were in the AggieVision viewing area, the game was televised, if you weren't you really missed out on an amazing comeback by the girls.

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/18/07 :: Volleyball Update

The Aggie volleyball team just finished an incredible match against Nevada. It looked like the Aggies were going to run the Wolfpack out of the building, winning the first two matches and they led 27-21 in what should have been a deciding game three. Nevada made a furious comeback and won game three, then won game four in extra points (NMSU's Live Stats broke so you'll have to do without scores until tomorrow) and then Nevada had SIX, yes six match points against the Aggies in game five but the girls showed the grit, determination and heart that has become a trademark of Mike Jordan teams and pulled out an unbelievable win. As is often said in sports, the Aggies literally pulled victory from the jaws of certain defeat. Incredible ending.

We hope to have a more in depth analysis from our volleyball expert Mel later on.

The Daily Aggie :: 10/18/07

It's Day Four of Homecoming week. Tonight our 18th ranked Aggie volleyball team takes on our hated rival Nevada. We're not completely sure how the other volleyball fans think but we respect Hawai'i and their program more than we hate them but we definitely have an extreme dislike for Nevada. After all, they did steal our spot in the NCAA tournament a couple of years ago and their senior leader and current AVCA National Player of the Week Teal Ericson has been very outspoken in her dislike for our Aggies. Nevada is currently 6-3 in the WAC, good for third place.

Tonight is also the Aggie Bonfire night. The homecoming schedule says that the lighting of the bonfire will begin at 7:00 p.m. tonight. Since there's a scheduling conflict there, we urge you to go support the volleyball team, then head out to the bonfire after the Aggies win.

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/17/07

It's Day Three of Homecoming week! We're not quite sure what that means but it sounds good. Last night The Daily Aggie went to a fight and an NBA basketball game broke out. Just kidding. But if you didn't hear or see, there really was a fight at the game. No, Ron Artest was not involved, but Dallas Mav player Josh Howard did get ejected. While we enjoyed watching a bunch of millionaires and hundred-thousandaires running around playing basketball, we'll take the collegiate version over the professional version any day. On that note, the regular season for both the 2007/2008 Aggie men's and women's basketball teams starts on November 9th, two weeks from this coming Friday. The men head to Athens, Ohio to take on the Bobcats in the return game from last season's ESPNU Bracketbusters game. No doubt the Bobcats will be looking for revenge after what the Aggies did to them, and if you don't remember what happened let us refresh your memories. The Aggies and Bobcats played the final game of Bracketbusters Weekend and quite frankly, the Bobcats were just kicking the Aggies' tails up and down the court for the first 25 minutes of the game, holding a 17 point lead at that point. Then the Aggies snapped out of their funk and started playing basketball, climbed all the way back and eventually won the game by 5 points. Think Aggies vs. La. Tech this past weekend, except on the basketball court.

The women open up on the road as week, taking on UC-Irvine. The Aggies played the Anteaters last year in Las Cruces and didn't do so well, losing by 14 points. We expect this to be the breakout season for Coach Spence and the Lady Aggies. Sometimes a team just needs that one star recruit to help turn things around/get them over the hump (ala Jordan Adams at New Mexico). We believe that Madison Spence, coach's daughter, is that player. Whether or not that translates into an NCAA tournament bid this season, we'll find out, however, the Aggies should be a much better team this year.

Tomorrow night the Aggie volleyball team hosts the Nevada Wolfpack and">AVCA National Player of the Week Teal Ericson.

If you haven't done so yet, be sure to check out this week's interview with Coach Mumme.

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/16/07

Day Two of Homecoming Week is upon us. Tonight a special guest graces the campus of NMSU, former head men's basketball coach Reggie Theus returns with his new team, the Sacramento Kings. We'll be courtside tonight and look forward to seeing the former leader of Reggie Nation back in person one more time.

As our volleyball expert Mel mentioned yesterday, the Aggie volleyball team moved up two spots to #18 in the latest AVCA poll. If memory serves us correctly, this matches the highest ranking ever for the Aggie volleyball team (don't ask us the year). The Aggies will defend their ranking twice this week, on Thursday night against Nevada and on Saturday afternoon against San Jose State.

Even though not a single game has been played, it's never too early for March Madness bracket projections. Bracketology 101 has released their initial dance card for the 2008 tournament. They predict two teams from the WAC making the dance, NMSU and Utah State. They have the Aggies down as an 11-seed facing 6-seed Arizona.

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/15/07

It's Homecoming week this week and the Aggies will try to erase the pain from back to back losses when they take on Idaho on Saturday night. Idaho lost to Fresno State 37-24 on Saturday night on their Homecoming night (just to illustrate our point of not wanting to be someone's homecoming opponent, before Idaho's loss on Saturday night, they had been 3-0 in their previous three homecoming games). Unfortunately, this theory doesn't hold much water for the Aggies as they are 0-2 under Coach Mumme on Homecoming (losses to Idaho in 2005 and Hawai'i in 2006). In fact, the Aggies have only won one of the past four homecoming games, with the lone win coming against Florida International in 2004.

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On to today's link(s)...

Jimmy Watson of the Shreveport Times writes that Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley got the offensive spark he was looking for late in the fourth quarter.

We'll update later today as more links roll in.


Nominations for the NMSU/First Community Bank Hall of Fame are now being accepted. Click here to download the nomination form. (Thanks Mel)

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/14/07

ESPN Page 2 columnist Bill Simmons wrote a column in which he classified the different levels of losing which was "culled from years and years of unfortunate experiences as a sports fan" (his words not mine, though we've had our fair share of unfortunate experiences). There are 16 levels which rank from "least painful to most painful". Take a moment to read the column and then come on back to see where we think the loss to Louisiana Tech ranks on the "Levels of Losing" scale.

Last week's 58-0 blowout loss to Boise State would rank as a Level IX: The Full-Fledged Butt-Kicking.

This week's loss was probably a combination of Level VIII: The "This Can't Be Happening" and Level V: The Role Reversal (except this happened over three and a half plus quarters), Level IV: The Guillotine (after Lousiana Tech scored their first touchdown in 12 plus quarters on the crazy volleyball-esque tip drill), Level III: The Stomach Punch and Level II: The Goose/Maverick Tailspin (again this all transpired during the first three and half plus quarters of the game).

Last week's loss could easily be chalked up to injuries and being one of those fluke games where the team just doesn't have it. This week though? This week's loss is just plain devastating. The true measure of the 2007 Aggie football team will be seen next week against Idaho. How will the Aggies respond? I have a feeling that they'll come out inspired. Despite losing in a manner that was more reminiscent of Aggie teams pre-Mumme (2003 vs. Idaho comes to mind), this is a different Aggie team mentally. All of last season we witnessed that. This loss was similar to the Fresno State loss last year in which, the Aggies should have won but in the end didn't. The Aggies responded to that loss by blowing out their next two opponents, Utah State and Louisiana Tech.

We were impressed with J.J. McDermott's play. He had very Chase Holbrook-esque numbers going 29-40 for 319 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Not bad for his first start. We mentioned earlier in the week that you shouldn't underestimate the benefit that he would get from taking all the practice snaps with the first team. We were also dead on in setting the over/under of 40 for pass attempts by J.J.

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