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The Daily Aggie :: 09/26/07

If you haven't checked out this week's interview with Coach Mumme or Jordan Bostic's latest volleyball diary entry, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Don't forget to cast your vote for Chase Holbrook in the Davey O'Brien Award fan voting. Chase is still about 300 votes behind the Paul Smith of Tulsa for seventh place.

On to today's links...

Coach Mumme, Fresno State's head coach Pat Hill and Nevada's head coach Chris Ault all three say that injuries are a concern when you're playing against BCS teams.  Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: 09/25/07

Be sure to check out this week's interview with Coach Mumme. As we mentioned yesterday afternoon, the suspensions of Derek Dubois and Jeremiah Williams are two game suspensions, not indefinite suspensions.

Don't forget to vote for Chase Holbrook in the Davey O'Brien Award fan voting. Right now Chase is almost 300 votes behind Paul Smith of Tulsa. On Friday night, he was 200 votes behind so you've got some catching up to do. VOTE!

On to today's links...

Jason Gibbs of the Las Cruces Sun-News reports that over $200,000 has been raised for the Tough Enough To Wear Pink event. The previous record, $90,000.  Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: 09/24/07 :: Update

A couple of quick things to get you up to date this afternoon. First, we would like to extend our condolences to wide receiver Chris Wiliams and his family. We were informed by Coach Mumme that Chris will miss most of this week's practices due to a death in the family.

The Aggie volleyball team moved up one spot to 24th this week following a week where they defeated Utah State 3-1 and lost a heartbreaker to #13 Hawai'i, 3-2 (26-30, 30-28, 27-30, 30-28, 21-23).

As for the football team, contrary to Associated Press reports that Jeremiah Williams and Derek Dubois have been suspended indefinitely, Coach Mumme told us in our weekly interview with him that they are in fact, suspended for two games, the first of which was served this past Saturday. Wide receiver A.J. Harris who suffered an ankle injury after being sandwiched between two Auburn defenders and Nick Cleaver who was injured on the Chase Holbrook quarterback sneak for a touchdown, will both miss Saturday's game against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Mumme expects both to return for the conference opener against Boise State in two weeks.

Our weekly interview with Coach Mumme will be available tomorrow.

Finally, don't forget to check out CNNSI's 10 Spot Blog with Pete McEntegart. He's a cousin of Aggie offensive lineman James Farrelly and blogs about NMSU on Mondays and Fridays.

The Daily Aggie :: 09/24/07

After having three straight high emotion games against New Mexico, UTEP and Auburn, the Aggies return home to Aggie Memorial Stadium this weekend for a game against FCS (Div I-AA) opponent Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Pine Bluff is 1-3 on the season with two close losses to Mississippi Valley State (16-9) and Alabama State (12-10), a win over Alcorn State (21-3) and a loss to sixth ranked (FCS rankings) Southern Illinois (58-3).

This weekend's game is part of the "Aggies Are Tough Enough To Wear Pink" campaign put together by Coach Mumme's wife June. For more information on the Tough Enough To Wear Pink program, click here.

Aggie volleyball continues their three game home stand on Thursday night against Boise State at 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. against the other potato state school, the Vandals. Boise State 0-4 in WAC play, losing to Utah State and Hawai'i on the road and Fresno State and Nevada in Boise. Idaho is 2-1 in league play having lost to Hawai'i on the road and beating Nevada and Fresno State at home. Idaho will take on Louisiana Tech on Thursday before heading to Las Cruces for Saturday's match.

While we're on the topic of volleyball, if you're like me and weren't able to make it to Las Cruces for the showdown in the Pan Am between #13 Hawai'i and #25 NMSU, our volleyball expert Mel wrote about the experience in her blog. Go check it out.

Don't forget to vote for Chase Holbrook in the Davey O'Brien Awards fan voting. Fan voting continues through October 29th and the top three vote recipients are automatically placed on the semifinal list. Chase is currently 250 votes behind Paul Smith from Tulsa for seventh place. V-O-T-E!!!

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The Daily Aggie :: 09/23/07

Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers. It's what's killed the Auburn Tigers' the past two games and it's what killed the Aggies last night. For those of you who watched the game, I think you would all agree that it was quite clear in the first half that the only thing that could stop the Aggie offense was... the Aggies.

The defense did their job, holding Auburn to three three-and-outs three of the first four times the Tigers had the ball. In reality, the Aggies should have had the lead at halftime.

In the first half, A.J. Harris was stripped of the ball by Auburn's Zac Etheridge and defensive end Pat Sims recovered it and ran it in for a touchdown. Chris Williams had a fumble at the Auburn 38 yard line as the Aggies were driving and well on their way for another score.

The three of the first four possessions of the second half for the Aggies resulted in Aggie turnovers and all three of those turnovers resulted in Auburn touchdowns. The second touchdown was pretty much a given. When you turn the ball over on your own two yard line the chances are very high that you're going to give up a touchdown.

The Aggies' special teams also fumbled the ball when they tried to execute the special "Aggie" kick return, the one that got Chris Williams on Sportscenter a couple years ago against Cal.

Six turnovers, five Auburn touchdows, 34 Auburn points. The Aggies lost by 35 and Auburn scored a late garbage-time touchdown on a 67-yard run by Mario Fanin. I think you can piece together the rest.

The Aggie defense, as I mentioned before forced the Tigers' offense to punt on three of it's first four possessions, they also recovered a fumble by Auburn quarterback Brandon Cox.

The special teams also did a good job, blocking a field goal attempt at the end of the first half and executing a fake punt on fourth down. They also had some bad moments, giving up a fake punt for a first down, missing an extra point attempt and botching a kickoff return.

Aside from the turnovers, the Aggies should feel very proud of the way they played. The first half performance by the offense was a clinic. The Auburn defense simply could not stop the Aggies. The offense scored 20 points and generated 262 yards of offense, on an SEC defense in the first half.

The killer about the Aggie turnovers is that they all occurred either when the Aggies had gotten into Auburn territory (two interceptions and a fumble) or they were deep in Aggie territory (fumble and an interception). When you're playing a good team like Auburn, you simply cannot make those kinds of mistakes. There's not a college football team out there, not USC, not LSU, not Oklahoma that could have won yesterday's game giving up five turnovers.

Before we get into today's link, a daily reminder to vote for Chase Holbrook in the Davey O'Brien fan voting.

On to today's links...  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggie Volleyball Loses A Heartbreaker to Hawai'i in Five Games

In front of a crowd of 4,361 the Aggie volleyball team couldn't pull of the upset of #13 Hawai'i, falling in five games 26-30, 30-28, 27-30, 30-28, 21-23. We'll have more on this tomorrow as well and hopefully a report from our volleyball expert Mel.

Aggies Get Rolled In 2nd Half; Lose 55-20

The Aggies held a 20-14 lead midway through the second quarter and went into the half trailing 21-20 but interceptions on the Aggies' first two drives of the second half led to two Auburn touchdowns and Auburn never looked back. Final score Auburn 55, NMSU 20.

More to come tomorrow.

The Daily Aggie :: 09/22/07


Check out our volleyball expert Mel's blog for all the info on today's festivities at the Pan Am for the big Aggie/Wahine volleyball match.

Don't forget to vote for Chase Holbrook in the Davey O'Brien Award fan voting.

Before we get too far into the discussion for today's game, making big news yesterday was the fact that Las Cruces Mayor Bill Mattiace had not honored the bet that he and Albuquerque mayor Martin Chavez had made before the Aggie/Lobo football game. The city of the losing school was supposed to fly the other school's flag in front of a city administration building for one day. Apparently Mattiace, two weeks after the game, still had not done so. Yesterday Albuquerque mayor Chavez forgave the bet. Here's the thing mayor Mattiace. By you not fulfilling your end of the bet, it makes ALL of us Aggies look bad. It's one thing to lose a bet, it's another thing to lose a bet and then not fulfill the terms of the bet. Now the Lobo fans have one more thing to hang over our heads. Thanks Bill.

Now, on to more pressing issues. Today's game versus Auburn. Could weather be a factor during today's game? The forecast for game time is calling for rain. This obviously favors Auburn and their running game more than the Aggie passing game.

On to the links...

Take a deep breath Aggie fans because Auburn running back Brad Lester has been cleared to play... now exhale deeply because it won't be for another two weeks. Charles Goldberg of the Birmingham News reports that Lester has been suspended two more games and will return against Vanderbilt on October 6th.  Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: 09/21/07

Tomorrow is the moment of truth for both the Aggie volleyball and Aggie football teams. Tomorrow both teams get a chance to prove something. For the volleyball team, a chance to prove that last year's victory over Hawai'i was not a fluke, despite what some Wahine fans might think. For the Aggie football team, a chance to prove that they can compete with the big boys and get a win when no one expects them to.

If you're into statistical trends, I encourage you to check out our article chronicling the Auburn pass defense over the past five years. It will give you some insight into what challenges the Aggie Air Raid faces tomorrow night.

Don't forget to vote for Chase Holbrook in the Davey O'Brien Award fan voting. If you've already registered, use the link that was e-mailed to you by them. If you haven't registered, shame on you, click on this link and go register and vote. Chase has now moved into 8th place in the voting, at the beginning of the week he was in 14th. Good job people, keep it up.

On to the links...

The big news of the day so far is that Auburn is expected to get word on whether suspended running back Brad Lester will be able to play this year. Evan Woodbery of the Press-Register reports that If he is ruled eligible, he could possibly play on Saturday against the Aggies. Lester is Auburn's top running back and that would make things significantly more difficult on the Aggies' run defense. Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville says that Lester has been practicing with the team and is "Game Ready".  Continue Reading This Post >>

Irresistible Forces vs. Immovable Objects; The Air Raid Vs. The Auburn D

Will the Aggies beat Auburn? That's the proverbial and literal million dollar (which is I believe is fairly close to the payout for the game) question. The answer will be provided over the course of three and a half hours tomorrow evening and will depend a lot on whether Chase Holbrook and the Aggie Air Raid offense can do something that very few teams have done against Auburn's stingy defense: pass for 300 plus yards and/or throw more than two touchdown passes (this obviously being the more important of the two stats).

Over the past five seasons and through the first three games of this season, 67 games in all, the Tigers' defense has only given up five 300+ yard passing games and no team has passed for more than 355 yards during that span. This is significant because the Tigers lost two of those games. The last team to throw for 300 yards on the Auburn defense? Wisconsin with 301 yards in the Capital One Bowl back in 2006 (24-10 winners).  Continue Reading This Post >>