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The Daily Aggie :: 09/03/07 :: Update

Aggie fans, the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award has added fan voting! You must register to vote and you can vote every day. The fan vote will count as 5% of the final tally.

The site will start displaying fan voting results next week. Visit, vote every day. Let's help Chase win the Davey O'Brien Award for best quarterback.

The Daily Aggie :: 09/03/07

A quick editorial note before we get going, The Daily Aggie is traveling for work this week (a travesty, especially during Rivalry Week) so The Daily Aggie may or may not be daily this week, but we'll try our best.

Rivalry week festivities and the Rio Grande Rivalry officially kick off this Tuesday evening when the Aggie volleyball team takes on UNM at the Pan American Center. If you're in Las Cruces, get your butts out there and cheer our girls on! This is the only meeting between the two this year. UNM's new coach decided he didn't want to lose to the juggernaut that is the Aggie volleyball machine two times. Where were the lawmakers on that one? It's okay for UNM to back out of one of two meetings of a rivalry game but not NMSU?

Our weekly interview with Coach Mumme resumes this week, look for that tomorrow. As always, if you have a question you'd like to ask Coach send it to us and we'll do our best to get it answered. Click on the Contact Us link, select Ask Coach Mumme from the drop down menu and send us your question!

Unfortunately Aggie fans, links are sparse this morning (sparse, meaning that I've got nothing for you). Have a safe Labor Day and we'll try again tomorrow.

The Daily Aggie :: 09/02/07

Happy Football Weekend to everyone. If you missed any of yesterday's college football action, well, you missed a lot. Even though the Aggies were off yesterday, there was plenty for Aggie fans to pay attention to. Many of the Aggies' future opponents were in action. But before we get to that, we have to say congratulations to Appalachian State for their victory of No. 5 Michigan. The Mountaineers became the first EVER Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Div I-AA) team to defeat a ranked Football Bowl Subdivision team (Div I-A) and they did it at Michigan, in the famed Big House.

The next two Aggie opponents, UNM and UTEP battled each other last night at the Sun Bowl in El Paso. Now my rooting interests are torn when these two play because I cannot stand either of these two schools. I used to hope for a 0-0 tie but the introduction of overtime a while back eliminated the possibility of that. However, last night, I almost got my wish. The final score? UTEP 10, UNM 6. It was 3-3 at halftime. I have no idea what happened during the game, but judging by the box score, it wasn't pretty. The two new UTEP quarterbacks went a COMBINED for 8/26 for 80 yards. UNM on the other hand actually had respectable offensive stats (in fact they dominated UTEP offensively) but only managed two field goals.

What does this mean for the Aggies in next week's and the following week's games? Probably not much. Nearly every team has opening game jitters and I wouldn't count on UNM or UTEP to have repeat performances of their first game. That being said, should the Aggie Air Raid play like they're capable of (last two games of last season) and the defense plays like they did against SELA (with some improvements of course) the Aggies will end their losing streaks to these two teams this season.

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The Daily Aggie :: 09/01/07

Teddy Feinberg reports on his blog that Antonio Reddic, high school teammate of Herb Pope, will be a student at this year (which must mean he's enrolled in classes now). He won't be suiting up for the football team this season but look for him next season. Feinberg also reports that 6' 6" guard Robert Lumpkin will redshirt this season for the Aggie men's basketball team.

John Lenz of the Hammond Daily Star writes that SELA head coach Mike Lucas thinks that the final score from Thursday night's game could have been 72-0 if the Lions hadn't played as well as they did.

The Aggie volleyball team plays their first of four matches against top 25 teams this season when they take on #6 Texas at the Houston Invitational. The match is scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m. MT.

The Aggie women's basketball team takes on two opponents today, College of Fraser Valley at noon today and then Simon Fraser at 7 p.m. this evening. These are both exhibition games.

Be sure to check our Game Photos from NMSU's victory over SE Louisiana as well as our latest desktop wallpaper (the NMSU defense welcomes their opponents to Aggie Country).

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The Daily Aggie :: 08/31/07

The Aggies are 1-0, exactly where we all thought they'd be after the first game. Except it didn't happen exactly how everyone thought it would. Chase didn't light up SELA for 700 yards 14 touchdowns instead it was the Aggie defense that was the star of the night, highlighted by Brandon McKinney's pick 6. The shocker of the evening? Chase Holbrook throwing three interceptions in the first 15 and a half minutes of the game, including a pick 6 of his own that allowed SELA to tie the game at 7.

A few observations from the game before we get on to the links.

1) The Aggie defense, thought by everyone to be the achilles heel of the team for the '07 season, came out and played like they had something to prove. They proved a lot, granted they were playing against a Football Championship Subdivision team (Div 1-AA for everyone who didn't get the memo), but any time you can limit your opponent's offense to one touchdown, you've had a good game. The defense looked MUCH quicker than last year and they were getting constant pressure on the SE Louisiana quarterback, something they didn't do a whole lot of last season. In fact, I believe that all three units on defense (d-line, linebackers, secondary) got at least one sack.

2) The offense's timing seemed to be just a hair off last night and when you play in an offensive scheme predicated on timing routes and throwing to spots on the field in anticipation of your receiver being there, timing issues will wreak havoc. That being said, Chase still had a better than average night (although, somewhat pedestrian for the Air Raid) completing 23-33 (69%) for 280 yards and four touchdowns. What hurts are those three interceptions that he threw. Two of them were definitely his fault, bad decisions and the other one looked to be a miscommunication between Chase and Chris Wiliams (Chris went up when Chase though he was going out towards the sideline).

3) Field goal kicking may once again haunt the Aggies. Granted, if you score a touchdown every time you get the ball into scoring position, this won't be an issue, however, the Aggies attempted one field goal (a relative chip shot) and missed. All five extra points however, looked to be dead on. Here's hoping we won't have to rely on field goal kicking too much this season.

4) JUMBOTRON, JUMBOTRON, JUMBOTRON! All I have to say is, how the hell did we live without it for so long? When you walk into the stadium, it's presence just overwhelms you. Sort of like the first game I watched in the Pan Am (during the Lou Henson Classic) after the new center hung scoreboard had been installed. Also, I have to give a huge kudos to the crew who was running the Jumbotron. They ran that thing like they'd been doing it forever, aside from a few sound issues (volume, too low, volume too high) everything rans very smoothly, the camera crew did a wonderful job, they were on top of all the replays. The between plays graphics weren't overbearing and obnoxious (like some video boards can be), an A+ all around. Thank you Dr. Boston and company.

5) Whoever's idea it was for me to wear dark colored jeans and a crimson shirt while sitting on the east side of the stadium... that person is fired, oh wait that was me...

6) The next home game is against I-10 rival UTEP and NMSU is encouraging EVERYONE to wear Crimson to the game. They want to make Aggie Memorial "a sea of crimson". Great idea, just don't wear dark colored pants if you're gonna sit on the east side.

Look for pictures from last night's game a little later today.

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The Daily Aggie :: 08/30/07

It's finally here, the day that every red-blooded American male has been waiting for since the BCS Championship thrashing Florida put down on Ohio State. That's right, today is the official start of the college football season. More importantly though, our beloved Aggies start the 2007 season with much optimism. I won't say that there's more optimism than at the beginning of last season, just a different kind of optimism. For the first time in since the beginning of the 2003 season, the Aggies start the season having won their last game the previous season. In fact, the Aggies won their last two games of last season. Not so much the fact that they won those two games, but the manner in which they won those two games is the cause of all the optimism. The Aggies laid the wood to both Utah State and Louisiana Tech, winning by a combined score of 92-43.

With that in mind let's get on to the links. If you don't think that people are excited about Aggie football and the surrounding festivities starting up again, then let me point you to not one, not two, not even three but FOUR articles about Aggie tailgating.

Jenn Kistler of the Las Cruces Sun-News reports that Whiskey Falls, the official band of the American Tailgaters Association will be performing at the Aggie tailgate today.

Jenn Kistler says that Aggie fans are ready to tailgate.

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The Daily Aggie :: 08/29/07 has posted their season preview of the Aggie basketball team. Football hasn't even started and we're already previewing basketball. Wow. Rivals has ranked NMSU #44 in their top 64.

Teddy Feinberg of the Las Cruces Sun-News reported on his blog that former teammate of Herb Pope, Antonio Reddic, was seen on campus Monday attending Aggie football practice. Teddy mentioned that Reddic was the leading scorer for the Aliquippa HS basketball team last season so I checked out his profile at Scouts Inc. and there was nothing to be found under basketball. I did however find him listed as a prospect at the Safety position, unfortunately Scouts Inc. had not done an evaluation on him. So my question is, when was the last time NMSU had a two sport athlete on scholarship (football/basketball)? If you know, either e-mail me via the contact form or leave your answer in the comments and I'll try to find out the answer. By the way, the last two sport athlete of any kind I can think of was Joey Vincent who played QB for the Aggies and was also on the baseball team (I believe he got drafted by a MLB team last year).

Slightly off the topic of Aggie athletics, Ferd Lewis (no I didn't misspell his name, it's actually Ferd) of the Honolulu Advertiser gives his predictions for the Warrior football team. While I don't disagree that Hawai'i could be this year's Boise State, his final score predictions are a wee bit outlandish. Example, he has Hawai'i beating their first opponent Northern Colorado by a whopping 78-10 score. Their other Division I-AA (Championship subdivision) opponent, Charleston Southern, well Ferd has them falling 72-6. We'll see. At least he only has Hawai'i dropping 44 points on our beloved Aggies.

UPDATE If you at any time have downloaded the football schedule desktop wallpaper, you'll need to re-download them again. I noticed a slight error in the schedule. We had Nevada listed twice on the schedule. So update your wallpapers everyone!

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The Daily Aggie :: 08/28/07

Before we get to the links, I want to encourage you to check out Jordan Bostic's latest entry in her Aggie Volleyball Diary as well as our volleyball expert Melanie Brooks' latest "confession" in her blog, Confessions of an NMSU Volleyball Addict.

The Reno Gazette Journal has posted their weekly WAC rankings. The Aggies come in at number six. Looking at the composite schedule for WAC teams this week, five of the nine WAC teams (Hawai'i, Boise State, Fresno State, New Mexico State and Louisiana Tech) are playing Division I-AA (Championship Subdivision) teams. Toughest test for a WAC team this week? Idaho, who takes on top ranked USC in the Coliseum.

Dan Hinxman who also writes for the Reno Gazette Journal writes that optimism was the major theme at the first weekly WAC coaches conference call.

Darrell Moody of the Nevada Appeal takes the pulse of the WAC coaches when it comes to playing Division I-AA teams. Coach Mumme's quote: "I don't even know why they have Division I-AA," New Mexico State coach Hal Mumme said. "It's not even called that anymore. At Southeastern Louisiana, we needed to play those games to pay for our program. I think they ought to quit paying attention to it."  Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: 08/27/07

Sorry for the late start this morning but here are your links!

Dave Reardon of the Honolulu Star Bulletin wants you to know that NMSU can throw the ball.

John Lenz of the Hammond Daily Star (Louisiana) says that Southeastern Louisiana head coach Mike Lucas thinks that the Aggie football team has the best wide receives and biggest offensive line they'll face all season.

You know about Coach Mumme's former SELA turned NMSU quarterback Chase Holbrook, what about the guy Holbrook was backing up? He's now the starting quarterback at Memphis but during Mumme's two year tenure at SELA, Martin Hankins threw for 7,777 yards and 65 touchdowns in two years.

Dick Harmon of the Deseret Morning News plays Six Degrees of Separation with former BYU coach LaVell Edwards, to whom Hal Mumme credits much of the Air Raid offensive concept.

Strictly for entertainment purposes only (as gambling on college sports is only legal in Vegas and highly illegal anywhere that's not Vegas), Hawai'i is favored by a whopping 59.5 points in their game against Northern Colorado. To paraphrase the the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, "So you're saying Northern Colorado's got a chance!".

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The Daily Aggie :: 08/26/07

The Aggie volleyball team picked up their first (of hopefully many) tournament titles last night after sweeping through tournament host Northern Arizona, 3-0. The Aggies return home today to take on Texas Southern tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the squad's first home match of the season. Look for a full writeup about all this weekend's volleyball action from our volleyball expert Mel coming soon.

Speaking of volleyball, the WAC volleyball championship tournament is being held in Las Cruces this year and tickets just went on sale. The tournament will take place Nov. 15th - 17th. There's an "Early Bird" promotion happening now until September 30th and it's a steal. All session passes cost $20 for adults, $16 for seniors and $8 for children (8 and under). After the 30th ticket prices go up so get them early. I strongly encourage all of our readers to attend the tournament if you have the chance, there's nothing like sitting in the gym watching college sports for a few days in a row (beats the heck out of working). To purchase your tickets call 1-866-672-8524 or call the Pan American Center Ticket Office at 505-646-1420.

Now for some site news, you'll notice that there is now an "Aggie Standings" section on the right-hand sidebar of the frontpage (right below the Upcoming Events). Here you'll be able to quickly find out what the Aggies' record, both overall and in conference, is for each sport and their ranking both in conference and nationally (yes, we're dreaming a little but the volleyball team broke through last year and it's only a matter of time before the rest of our sports start showing up in the polls).

Finally, the third annual College Colors Day is this Friday, August 31st, so break out the Crimson and White and wear it to work, school, wherever you're planning to be on Friday.
"College Colors Day, which coincides with both “back to school” and the kick-off of intercollegiate athletics, including football, seeks to celebrate and promote the traditions and spirit that make the college traditions great by encouraging fans, alumni and students to wear apparel of their favorite college throughout the day of Friday, August 31, 2007. College Colors Day strives to promote higher education in the United States through increased public awareness and celebrates the achievements of colleges and universities in the United States, acknowledging their critical and fundamental importance to the United States."

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