Meet The Aggies :: Kelli Goodan

Kelli GoodanName: Kelli Goodan
Hometown: Des Moines, N.M.
Major: Agriculture and Extension Education
Positon: Right Side/Outside Hitter

How often do people think you're from Iowa when you tell them you're from Des Moines?
Not very often because I don't give them a chance! I always have to say New Mexico afterwards just to clarify

What's your favorite part about playing volleyball?
Volleyball is such a team game. It's a mental game. My favorite part is my team members and being able to pound the ball down into other people.

What's your favorite movie?
I like Westerns.

What's your favorite western?
It's gotta be with John Wayne. Probably... Cowboys.

What's your favorite food?

What kind of cheesecake?
ALL cheesecake. It doesn't matter. Anything with berries!

What's currently playing on your iPod?
Country Music.

What's your favorite television show?
Grey's Anatomy

What attracted you to come to NMSU?
Definitely the coaching staff and the girls. The College of Agriculture. And my family. My mom went here, my aunts and uncles all went here and so did my sister.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
Well... I can tell you a funny story. On my day off, we had one day off with Coach and instead of just doing homework, I ended up chasing a goose out of a lettuce field.

What do you take on the road to keep entertained?
My iPod, movies, homework. I wouldn't say that's entertaining... but it needs to be done some time...

What are you hobbies and do you have time to do them during the season?
I don't really have time for much of anything because I take a full class load. My hobbies. I like to horseback ride and go 4-wheeling and different things like that. Play basketball.

What does being an Aggie mean to you?
Being an Aggie means taking pride in what I do. Having confidence on and off the floor. Trying to be responsible and show respect. Be all that I can for New Mexico State, myself, my community and my family.