Meet The Aggies :: Krystal Torres

Krystal TorresName: Krystal Torres
Hometown: Las Cruces, N.M.
Major: Kinesiology.
Positon: Libero

What's your favorite part about playing volleyball?
How fast everything goes. You've got to make decisions really quick. I like that aspect of it.

What's your favorite movie?
50 First Dates

What's your favorite food?
I like pasta but I really like a lot of things, like Hawaiian stuff.

What's currently playing on your iPod? I hear you're the team DJ
I like to listen to a lot of reggae, rap and R&B. I try to stay up to date with the recent stuff.

What's your favorite television show?
I like Discovery Channel so anything that's on there.

If you couldn't play volleyball what sport would you play?
Basketball. (Ed. Note: Krystal played at the end of the 2006/2007 season for the Aggie women's basketball team after finishing up her volleyball season).

What attracted you to come to NMSU?
The situation for playing was just better overall. They were an up and coming program and I got to stay in town with family. It all just kinda worked out like that. I actually decided to play volleyball at the last second so it all ended up working out perfectly.

What's it been like playing in front of family and friends and the local crowd?
It's been great having all the support as well as making new friends with the fans that I had no idea supported us this much. It's good to have family here all the time.

What's something about yourself that most people don't know?
I was born in Hawai'i and I'm from Hawai'i originally.

What do you take with you on the road to keep yourself entertained?
Just my iPod, I've got some movies on there. I try to do some studying.

What are you hobbies and do you have time to do them during the season?
I like to read. I don't really have any time for anything at all. I don't really have time for anything in season or even in the spring.

As a senior how do you feel about being a leader on this team?
It gets stressful sometimes. Coach is stressing to be a lot more positive this year more than ever. What I thought I was coming to was a little bit different than what it is.

What wisdom do you hope to pass on to the younger players?
I hope that they take things from me by the way I play, to play hard all the time. To not take any plays off or take anything for granted because every points counts especially now that the scoring system has gotten a lot shorter.

How do you want to be remembered at NMSU?
I want people to remember me as being humble, not being cocky. (Ed. Note: Krystal is definitely a humble person, when we asked her the question, she did not even mention being the All-Time digs leader at NMSU.

What's your favorite Coach Jordan story?
Oh man, I can think of a few. Probably the time he told us to get "Ghetto Nasty." He said, "Be Ghetto Nasty." It was in practice and we were kind of just going through the motions and he told us to get "Ghetto Nasty."

What's your favorite team memory?
Geez, there's a lot. A lot of small, inside joke stuff. I would have to say the thing that sticks out the most are Jackie Choi's stories. Her stories, she would hype them up really big like there was going to be a huge climax... and then they would just end. We'd just be like, "What? That's all you've got??" It was hilarious.

What does being an Aggie mean to you?
Representing not only the school but our program.