The Daily Aggie :: 08/28/07

Before we get to the links, I want to encourage you to check out Jordan Bostic's latest entry in her Aggie Volleyball Diary as well as our volleyball expert Melanie Brooks' latest "confession" in her blog, Confessions of an NMSU Volleyball Addict.

The Reno Gazette Journal has posted their weekly WAC rankings. The Aggies come in at number six. Looking at the composite schedule for WAC teams this week, five of the nine WAC teams (Hawai'i, Boise State, Fresno State, New Mexico State and Louisiana Tech) are playing Division I-AA (Championship Subdivision) teams. Toughest test for a WAC team this week? Idaho, who takes on top ranked USC in the Coliseum.

Dan Hinxman who also writes for the Reno Gazette Journal writes that optimism was the major theme at the first weekly WAC coaches conference call.

Darrell Moody of the Nevada Appeal takes the pulse of the WAC coaches when it comes to playing Division I-AA teams. Coach Mumme's quote: "I don't even know why they have Division I-AA," New Mexico State coach Hal Mumme said. "It's not even called that anymore. At Southeastern Louisiana, we needed to play those games to pay for our program. I think they ought to quit paying attention to it." lists 50 Things To Know About College Football. #25? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution points out that the six BCS conferences got $181 million of the $217 million pie from the bowls last year. That 83.4 percent is the biggest reason a true Division I-A playoff is no more imminent than you or me hitting the Powerball. The other 17.6 percent? I think that went to the WAC. Thank you Boise State.

Finally, kudos to the University of Houston athletics department for doing the right thing. Red-shirt sophomore offensive lineman Jerrod Butler suffered cardiac arrest while working out in the Cougars' weight room. He won't be playing any more football but UH is going to honor his scholarship.

Randy Harrison of the Albuquerque Journal writes about the ongoing competition for the starting tailback position for the Aggies. (Registration/Subscription required, use the Premium Trial Pass, it's free).

John Lenz of the Hammond Daily Star writes that Hal Mumme looks for Southeastern Louisiana to play a lot better against the Aggies than they did last year.

Todd McShay from Scouts Inc. and lists the eight categories Scouts Inc. uses when evaluating college quarterbacks and the top three examples for each category. Under the Accuracy category, Todd writes, The quarterback's ability to place the ball on the target and hit his receiver on stride. The most accurate quarterbacks see passing windows develop quicker than most. They are able to hit a spot where the receiver will be, even before his receiver makes his final cut. They show excellent touch and timing, which requires the ability to change velocities in order to throw "catchable" passes on all routes. Chase Holbrook is listed as one of his top three example quarterbacks for Accuracy. I think he should have also included Chase in the Durability category. No quarterback in the country took as many hits as Chase did and he still started all 12 games for the Aggies.

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