The Daily Aggie :: 08/30/07

It's finally here, the day that every red-blooded American male has been waiting for since the BCS Championship thrashing Florida put down on Ohio State. That's right, today is the official start of the college football season. More importantly though, our beloved Aggies start the 2007 season with much optimism. I won't say that there's more optimism than at the beginning of last season, just a different kind of optimism. For the first time in since the beginning of the 2003 season, the Aggies start the season having won their last game the previous season. In fact, the Aggies won their last two games of last season. Not so much the fact that they won those two games, but the manner in which they won those two games is the cause of all the optimism. The Aggies laid the wood to both Utah State and Louisiana Tech, winning by a combined score of 92-43.

With that in mind let's get on to the links. If you don't think that people are excited about Aggie football and the surrounding festivities starting up again, then let me point you to not one, not two, not even three but FOUR articles about Aggie tailgating.

Jenn Kistler of the Las Cruces Sun-News reports that Whiskey Falls, the official band of the American Tailgaters Association will be performing at the Aggie tailgate today.

Jenn Kistler says that Aggie fans are ready to tailgate.

But Jenn Kistler wants to know if YOU'RE ready to tailgate.

After you're done being educated by Jenn Kistler, Aggie Athletics/Marketing wants you to be aware of the New Frontier of Aggie Country.

Here's what you need to know about SE Louisiana as told by the SELA athletic department.

Finally, Chase Holbrook's chief competition for NCAA and WAC passing honors, Colt Brennan, has taken out a $28,000 loan to pay for "draft insurance". Michael Tsai of the Honolulu Advertiser reporting.


Randy Harrison at the ABQ Journal wonders if a win tonight is the first step towards a bowl bid for the Aggies. (Registration/Subscription required, use the Trial Premium Pass, it's free).

Randy Harrison writes about AggieVision and it's expanded exposure for NMSU. (Registration/Subscription required, use the Trial Premium Pass, it's free).

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