The Daily Aggie :: 08/31/07

The Aggies are 1-0, exactly where we all thought they'd be after the first game. Except it didn't happen exactly how everyone thought it would. Chase didn't light up SELA for 700 yards 14 touchdowns instead it was the Aggie defense that was the star of the night, highlighted by Brandon McKinney's pick 6. The shocker of the evening? Chase Holbrook throwing three interceptions in the first 15 and a half minutes of the game, including a pick 6 of his own that allowed SELA to tie the game at 7.

A few observations from the game before we get on to the links.

1) The Aggie defense, thought by everyone to be the achilles heel of the team for the '07 season, came out and played like they had something to prove. They proved a lot, granted they were playing against a Football Championship Subdivision team (Div 1-AA for everyone who didn't get the memo), but any time you can limit your opponent's offense to one touchdown, you've had a good game. The defense looked MUCH quicker than last year and they were getting constant pressure on the SE Louisiana quarterback, something they didn't do a whole lot of last season. In fact, I believe that all three units on defense (d-line, linebackers, secondary) got at least one sack.

2) The offense's timing seemed to be just a hair off last night and when you play in an offensive scheme predicated on timing routes and throwing to spots on the field in anticipation of your receiver being there, timing issues will wreak havoc. That being said, Chase still had a better than average night (although, somewhat pedestrian for the Air Raid) completing 23-33 (69%) for 280 yards and four touchdowns. What hurts are those three interceptions that he threw. Two of them were definitely his fault, bad decisions and the other one looked to be a miscommunication between Chase and Chris Wiliams (Chris went up when Chase though he was going out towards the sideline).

3) Field goal kicking may once again haunt the Aggies. Granted, if you score a touchdown every time you get the ball into scoring position, this won't be an issue, however, the Aggies attempted one field goal (a relative chip shot) and missed. All five extra points however, looked to be dead on. Here's hoping we won't have to rely on field goal kicking too much this season.

4) JUMBOTRON, JUMBOTRON, JUMBOTRON! All I have to say is, how the hell did we live without it for so long? When you walk into the stadium, it's presence just overwhelms you. Sort of like the first game I watched in the Pan Am (during the Lou Henson Classic) after the new center hung scoreboard had been installed. Also, I have to give a huge kudos to the crew who was running the Jumbotron. They ran that thing like they'd been doing it forever, aside from a few sound issues (volume, too low, volume too high) everything rans very smoothly, the camera crew did a wonderful job, they were on top of all the replays. The between plays graphics weren't overbearing and obnoxious (like some video boards can be), an A+ all around. Thank you Dr. Boston and company.

5) Whoever's idea it was for me to wear dark colored jeans and a crimson shirt while sitting on the east side of the stadium... that person is fired, oh wait that was me...

6) The next home game is against I-10 rival UTEP and NMSU is encouraging EVERYONE to wear Crimson to the game. They want to make Aggie Memorial "a sea of crimson". Great idea, just don't wear dark colored pants if you're gonna sit on the east side.

Look for pictures from last night's game a little later today.

On to this morning's links...

Randy Harrison of the Albuquerque Journal gives us his writeup about the game. (Registration/Subscription required, just use the Trial Premium Pass, it's free).

Lee Yobbi of the Santa Fe New Mexican writes that the two weak links from last season, the running game and the defense, both showed signs of improvement.

The Sporting News has the AP writeup of last night's victory.

David James of KUTV in Salt Lake City gives his assessment of how Utah State football will fair this season. Interestingly enough, he has the UTAgs winning the battle of the Aggieses (is that the correct plural term for Aggies? Mr. James sure thinks so). He must've forgotten the beatdown Mumme and Co. delivered IN LOGAN last season. I don't see Utah State having a chance of beating NMSU in Las Cruces. Unless Jaycee Carroll suits up.

The Ft. Worth Star Telegram has a small line item about Chase Holbrook's night.

Boise State is pleased with the play of their new quarterback Taylor Tharpe. They should be, they rocked Weber State 56-7 and were up 49-0 at halftime.

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