Brynja Rodgers' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: April 4th, 2008

Brynja Rodgers is a setter for the 2008 NMSU Aggies volleyball team. Brynja finished second on the team in both assists (612) and assists per game (6.06) in 2007. Brynja will be a sophomore this fall and is majoring in Bio-Chemistry and she'll be filing entries in the Aggie Volleyball Diary throughout the 2008 season giving fans a taste of life on the volleyball team.

We went to the University of Arizona this past weekend to play two, five-game matches against the Wildcats. We lost the first match in four games but redeemed ourselves in the second match winning in five.

This first match against the Wildcats was a bit shaky for both teams. Coming off spring break was hard but we had to put the mental mistakes out of our heads and play ball. Without four seniors lots of the underclass men had to step up and step OUT onto the court. Alex Steinmetz did a wonderful job playing on the outside and right side of the court, she roofed a few balls and put down some good kills. Kelli Goodan also had to step up to the plate and play an all around outside position. Goodan showed huge bright spots in her offensive hitting. She tore apart the Wildcat defense!

During the spring will will attend one other tournament in Houston (April 11th -12th) and play in a single match against Oklahoma. These spring tournaments are very important to a sport played in the fall. During our spring training and tournaments, our seniors do not come to play with us, so we as a team get to play in line-ups close to what it will be in the coming fall. The spring time is a good time to work out little corks and goofups that we don't want to have in the fall during our conference play.

We continue to work hard in the gym everyday. Our next tournament will be in Houston in one week, Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th! GO AGGIES!


Thank You

Thank you, Brynja, for stepping up and taking on the blogging role in addition to school, practices and workouts. I don't know if any of us Tailgaters are making the trip to Houston this weekend, but we had a great time in Tucson. See you at the Alumni Match & Picnic. Give 'em hell in Houston!

Speed is Life, More is Better!

Women's Vollleyball

GO AGGIES! Both Charlie and I are excited about the 2008 season and can hardly wait for the picnic and to see all of you girls. Thanks Brynja for stepping up to the net and already doing a good job of not only playing but reporting. See you all at the picnic. Nora and Charlie Y