Weekly Coach Mumme Interview :: 04/18/08 will be conducting weekly interviews with Aggie head football coach Hal Mumme during the 2008 season. This week Coach Mumme checks in and shares his thoughts on spring practice so far, gives some insight on late signee Darrius Preston and talks a little about tomorrow's scrimmage. Can you talk about your thoughts on the first three weeks or so of spring practice?
Hal Mumme: I like the kids' efforts and I like our speed overall. In the past Chris Williams was a fast guy, Tonny Glynn was a fast guy, Vincent Butler was a fast guy, we had spots, Jamar Cotton was a fast guy, we had three or four people that were fast. I really like our overall speed better. We're deeper, there are a lot of backup guys that can run too, particularly at receiver and running back and defensive back. Last week in the scrimmage the offense threw for 633 yards and the running game had a couple of touchdowns, from a defensive standpoint what do fans need to be aware of when you have a new defensive coordinator coming in and the kids are learning a new system?
HM: Joe Lee hasn't even got them all lined up right, it's gonna be the fall before we finish this out. We've got some other guys coming in, two JUCO guys we think can help us and we've got three or four high school guys we think have got a chance. So he's still getting them lined up, I wouldn't base anything defensively on last week's scrimmage.

Chase Holbrook played the first 20 plays, called all of his own plays and kind of wore them out. He was I think 14 out of 15 for about 200 yards. We're pretty good on offense, it's not a fair match at this point. I'll tell you what, they got considerably better in Wednesday's practice. He moved some guys around and he's just starting to change people's positions. Can you talk a little bit about the guy you signed late, Darrius Preston and what you think he'll be able to add to the receiving corps?
HM: Darrius we got onto because the LSU receiver coach and I had a conversation. This kid had got left out in the cold by a couple of BCS schools and so right at the signing date we found out about him, got some film and started checking him out. We finally got him in for a visit in March because he was also on the state final four basketball team and we couldn't get him out to visit until March, that's why we signed him late. He's a really good player, I would kind of liken him to a taller version of A.J. Harris, he really catches the ball and runs with it well. What are you looking for out of your scrimmage tomorrow?
HM: Offensively we're concentrating on trading on backup players. Chase will get about 30 snaps, he got about 20 last week, J.J. got about 80, we want to go a few less snaps tomorrow, around 90 snaps. We'll probably give Chase about 25 to 30 and let J.J. have the rest. Basically we're working on getting our backup guys deveoped. Out of this first couple of weeks of spring practice, who or what has been the most pleasant surprise for you?
HM: Strictly on the offensive side of the ball I'd say it's got to be our young receivers, Marcus Anderson, Julius Fleming and LaVorick Williams. Those three guys can all run fast and they're having great springs. In the more veteran players, we haven't really done much with Chris Williams and A.J. Harris because we already know what they can do but Wes Neiman has had a great spring, he's really maturing in all the stuff he can do.

If there's a second plus it's been our running backs, Seth Smith, Tonny Glynn and Brandon Perez. They're really showing up and playing well. I know you're a big bowl proponent, what are you thoughts on the possibility of adding the Rocky Mountain Bowl, which would be another bowl for the WAC?
HM: I didn't know they were doing that but I really hope they do. It would be a great deal. Our league is good enough that we need four hookups. We've been fortunate enough the last two years because we've been the BCS selection but we're a good enough league they need to have four spots?