The Daily Aggie :: 09/02/07

Happy Football Weekend to everyone. If you missed any of yesterday's college football action, well, you missed a lot. Even though the Aggies were off yesterday, there was plenty for Aggie fans to pay attention to. Many of the Aggies' future opponents were in action. But before we get to that, we have to say congratulations to Appalachian State for their victory of No. 5 Michigan. The Mountaineers became the first EVER Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Div I-AA) team to defeat a ranked Football Bowl Subdivision team (Div I-A) and they did it at Michigan, in the famed Big House.

The next two Aggie opponents, UNM and UTEP battled each other last night at the Sun Bowl in El Paso. Now my rooting interests are torn when these two play because I cannot stand either of these two schools. I used to hope for a 0-0 tie but the introduction of overtime a while back eliminated the possibility of that. However, last night, I almost got my wish. The final score? UTEP 10, UNM 6. It was 3-3 at halftime. I have no idea what happened during the game, but judging by the box score, it wasn't pretty. The two new UTEP quarterbacks went a COMBINED for 8/26 for 80 yards. UNM on the other hand actually had respectable offensive stats (in fact they dominated UTEP offensively) but only managed two field goals.

What does this mean for the Aggies in next week's and the following week's games? Probably not much. Nearly every team has opening game jitters and I wouldn't count on UNM or UTEP to have repeat performances of their first game. That being said, should the Aggie Air Raid play like they're capable of (last two games of last season) and the defense plays like they did against SELA (with some improvements of course) the Aggies will end their losing streaks to these two teams this season.

On to the links...

Howard Tsmura of The Province gives his recap of last night's exhibition game between the Aggie women's basketball team and Simon Fraser (who's team nickname is "The Clan", how cool is that?) The Aggie women lost 76-63 despite forcing 23 turnovers.

Lee Yobbi of the Santa Fe New Mexican compares NMSU talking about a bowl berth to Ashlee Simpson preparing her Grammy acceptance speech.

If you didn't stay up for Hawai'i's 63-6 torching of Northern Colorado, don't feel too bad. All you missed was Colt Brennan throwing for 416 yards, 6 touchdowns while completing 34 of 40 passes... IN THE FIRST HALF. He didn't even play the second half. Wow.

I got a chance to see a couple of WAC teams play yesterday. Nevada was manhandled in the second half by Nebraska (it was actually a 21-10 game at halftime), final score 52-10.

I also watched the top ranked USC Trojans defeat Idaho. I'm going to tell you right now, Idaho is a much improved team over last season. DO NOT sleep on Idaho. New head coach Rob Akey (former Wazzou assistant) has the Vandals headed in the right direction. They went into the Coliseum and they weren't intimidated. Physically they were overmatched but mentally they looked tough and played hard until the last snap. Those people who think Idaho is a guaranteed win (I was one of them until last night), think again.

Finally, former Sun Belt league mate North Texas was absolutely demolished by Oklahoma last night, 79-10. It was so bad that OU coach Bob Stoops requested a running clock for the 4th quarter. I didn't like last year's new clock rules one bit. However, here's an idea I think would make sense, sort of a "mercy rule". If a team is down by say... more than 35 points (that's five touchdowns) at the start of the 4th quarter, use last year's clock rules. Shorten the game. There's no point in someone getting hurt when the game has already long since been decided.