The Daily Aggie :: 06/26/08

As we continue our look back at the Best Wins of '07/'08 today we look at one of the bigger wins of the season and it came by virtue of the men's tennis doubles team of Roman Stoisavljevic and Eduardo Salas. Roman and Eduardo defeat the Texas Tech doubles team of Christian Rojmar and Bojan Szumanski (Texas Tech) 8-2. Rojmar and Szumanski were the #2 ranked doubles team in the nation and it was their first loss of season.

While this was clearly a big for the Aggies it did not come without some side effects as Aggie head tennis coach Don Ball explains.

The win for Roman and Eddie against Texas Tech was kind of a catalyst for our season. We had been kind of a mediocre team to that point, they were a very good team. We played against Texas Tech and UNM on that weekend and had really good results. In fact team wise we were very close to upsetting both of those schools but the doubles kind of gave us a feeling that we could compete with anybody and that was a very big positive for everyone on the team. They identified that and probably one of the downfalls of that was we got kind of big headed on that particular doubles team and they lost a few matches in a row that they had no business losing. But I think it gave them the reality check that everyone's going to be hunting for you if you knock off a good team and you become ranked and secondly you can't take anyone for granted. You have to continue to work hard. As the season progressed they did better and better and better and we were excited about that. If there's one match that turned our season around that was it.

As we mentioned last night the WAC's Fresno State won the battle royale that is the College World Series. While all of the media outlets are calling this a Cinderella story, the Bulldog players aren't taking too kindly to that moniker. Yes the Bulldogs were the lowest seed possible in a four team regional (4), yes the Bulldogs have the most number of losses by a national champion with 31 but as Coach Ward has mentioned before in our weekly interviews with him, the WAC really put itself at a disadvantage this season with its midweek games and four game weekend conference series and thus many of the losses suffered by all the WAC teams were due to major pitching mismatches (our #5 or #6 or even #7 pitchers often going against the opponents' #3, #4 or #5 pitchers).

How significant is this for the WAC? In our opinion this is bigger than Boise State's BCS Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma. While the financial impact for the league will not be anywhere near what it is when a team gets to a BCS bowl, the amount of exposure for the league cannot be underestimated.

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