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Blue Ribbon Analysis
Offense: B+
Defense: B-
Special Teams: C+
Intangibles: B

Mumme and his coaching staff believe this is the payoff year in the program. Entering his fourth season, the flashy head coach with the different approach needs to put some wins on the board, especially in league play, where the Aggies are a woeful 3-21 under his watch.

That's not to say the for sale signs are staked in Mumme's front lawn, but it's time to show some real progress and go from there. Mumme has plenty of returning starters on both sides of the football, so he can't complain about that.

On offense, all those yards need to translate into more points. On defense, more big plays are needed to escape the turnover-margin cellar. And the kicking game needs to become more of an asset as the Aggies try to break out of a long losing stretch. It's not going to be easy.

But the Aggies have several skill players who can get the job done if given time to do so by the two forward walls. Mumme was brought in to right a sinking ship. He hasn’t done it yet, meaning this year is a pivotal one for him and his program.

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