Jordan Bostic's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: September 3rd, 2007

Jordan Bostic is a defensive specialist for the 2007 NMSU Aggies volleyball team. Jordan was second on the team in both digs (311) and digs per game (2.47) and was named to the academic All-WAC team in 2006 with a GPA of 4.0. Jordan will be a senior in the fall and is majoring in Journalism/Mass Communication and she'll be filing entries in the Aggie Volleyball Diary throughout the 2007 season, giving fans a taste of life on the volleyball team.

This is just how I like it: sitting on my couch, eating leftovers and watching tv. Not just any tv show, however—I'm watching us play UNM! We played last night, but Comcast is replaying the match as we speak, so I actually get to watch us play. It's so cool! I remember the first time we played at Hawaii, we were able to watch our match later that night because they televise all their games locally. We were raving about how awesome it was that their games were on tv with commentators and everything, and we had so much fun watching it. Fast forward a few years and here we are, doing the same thing at NMSU!

I'm really enjoying the broadcast, especially the commentary from Kyle Doperalski (I have no idea if I spelled that right!) and Maria Roth. Maria used to be an assistant volleyball coach at NMSU with Coach Jordan, so she really has good insight into the way the team is run. She and Kyle really did a fantastic job with the match.

Anyway, last night we beat UNM, and it was great! The have a really good team this year, and we were excited to play them. We had some stand-out performances last night- Lindsey Yon was on fire, Kim and Amber were dominant and Alyssa set a really smart match. The story of the match, however, was our crowd. It was so loud in the Pan Am, and when we really needed an extra edge, our fans gave it to us.

This is my fourth year playing here at NMSU, but last night had a few firsts. It was the first time we had one of our players have a sibling on the opposing team. Whitney Phillips, one of our freshmen outside hitters, has a twin sister, Kelsey, who is a defensive specialist for UNM. I saw their mom before the match and I noticed she had a t-shirt made with both their names and both the NMSU and UNM logos. I bet she had a hard time figuring out which team to root for! Whitney told us she wouldn't be able to go home if she lost to her sister, so we went out and won it for her.

You're welcome, Whit!

Also, I don't think I have ever seen Coach Jordan motion to the crowd to cheer louder, but he definitely did it last night. It was Reggie Theus-esque, but it worked and the crowd got on their feet. I thought it was awesome. Oh, and we seniors have now officially gone undefeated against UNM in our careers... Feels so good!

A quick recap of last weekend… We went over to Houston and lost to Texas in the first match. We did not play well at all, and Texas is a great team. Obviously, that's not a good combo! We do have a young team, especially at some key positions, so after the loss it was key not to wallow in the loss. Luckily, we had a match against Houston the next day where we could regroup right away. We played much better in that match and were able to fly back to Las Cruces with a 1-1 record for the weekend.

Up next: a very challenging weekend at the home of the defending national champions, Nebraska. I am so excited to go up there because we know they play great volleyball and have a great atmosphere. They sell out all their matches and really love their volleyball up there. It's certainly a testament to our program that we are getting invited to tournaments hosted by the national champs. We will play Louisville on Friday, and then depending on who wins and loses, either Duke or Nebraska on Saturday. All three teams are ranked in the Top 25, so it will be a super-competitive weekend. The win against a really good UNM team has given us some good momentum going into the weekend.

So, we are 6-1 on the year and things are going great. Our young team is only going to get better and better as we gain more and more experience, especially against teams like the ones we will face up against this weekend. Listen to us on the radio, and be with us in spirit- we need your support! See you next Tuesday when we take on UTEP! GO AGGIES!!