The Daily Aggie :: 07/30/08

Be sure to check out our special guest column from Associate AD Steve Macy. Steve and the marketing crew are doing a great job trying to build up support in the community for Aggie athletics and one of their creations this season is the website where you can find all the game day information you need for the upcoming football season.

Steve was a guest yesterday morning on The Morning Show with Alan Riehl and talked about a few of the new traditions that the Aggie marketing staff is starting. One of our favorites is the pregame ride of Keystone. This season they're introducing a cowbell which, just based on the radio interview, should provide plenty of noise and distraction for opposing offenses. If you're a season ticket holder you'll be receiving your cowbell in the mail with your season football tickets.

If you're living in the Las Cruces and you've got kids between the ages of 8 and 10 the NMSU Softball team is holding their final summer camp next week.

On to today's links...

Teddy Feinberg (back from a prolonged absence) updates fans on the summer golf activity of the Aggie men's golf team.

Graham Watson, ESPN's non-BCS/Independent blogger weighs in on her Top 5 non-BCS in-conference rivalries.

Graham also takes a crack at listing the most hated to least hated teams in the WAC. The Aggies ring in at #7 on the hate meter.

Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress provides an initial scouting reports on some of the high school class of 2009 including Aggie prospect Mouphtaou Yarou who's a 6'9" power forward.

Jack Nixon's ready for the football season and shares his thoughts. (Thanks Vic)

Pete shares his thoughts on Aggie basketball's storied history. (Thanks Vic)

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