Calling All Aggies :: 08/15/08

Written By: Steve Macy, NMSU Associate Athletics Director

Bring Me-Ring Me

As the season tickets are mailed to our fans, a special part of the package will be a custom-made Aggie cowbell. It is not a keepsake; it is a tool designed to accomplish several simultaneous efforts.

1. New Tradition: When I came to NMSU a little over a year ago, I noticed that we did not have any football traditions. We created one with the riding of Keystone, the horse, at pre-game. But our fans had nothing they “owned.” The introduction of cowbells fits nicely with our agriculture legacy, as well as the history associated with the victory bell.
2. Fan Interaction: NMSU football games are a great form of entertainment and they tend be a lot of fun. But, fan interaction with the game is a must to generate the kind of atmosphere we want to have at every home game. This cowbell allows fans to be part of the action and actively participate in a fun way.
3. Home Field Advantage: Cowbells are loud and annoying. I like that a lot. A loud and raucous crowd gives our football team a better home field advantage. We do not have 50,000 people in the stands, but a smaller crowd that is intent on disrupting the other team’s offensive plays can have an incredible effect on the Aggies’ success.
4. Identity: The cowbell initiative will add to the fan experience and atmosphere at Aggie Memorial Stadium. It will also create a regional and national identity for New Mexico State football. Word will quickly spread that NMSU is the place where the fans have the cowbells and we will be the only team in the WAC that has such an active and noticeable tradition.

We have jump-started this tradition by sending one cowbell to each season-ticket holder, along with their season tickets. Each cowbell was tagged with a message that described the program and asked our fans to bring the cowbell to the game. I had hoped to send one cowbell for every ticket, but the costs were prohibitive. Essentially, I had to shuffle marketing funds to pay for the number of cowbells that we did send, meaning that cuts elsewhere in the budget were made. However, this kindling of this new tradition should be the start of something special for all NMSU fans. In addition, incoming freshmen will be given a cowbell at student orientation to ensure that our students are included as well.

I believe that 2008 will be a special season for NMSU football. Please join me in ringing in the new season with a raucous, vibrant and loud crowd for the game against Nicholls State on Thursday, September 4th at 6PM.

Also, we still have many charitable organizations that want tickets. We are running low on available tickets, so please consider buying season tickets for our military and charitable organizations in the area.

Your consideration and support for this project is appreciated. Contributing tickets is easy and the forms can be accessed at

Every Day Is Gameday