That's a wrap - El Encanto Tournament

There were quite a few grumbly people out there when the news came out that the Lady Aggies lost to the UT Longhorns. Us diehards, however, were extremely proud of the way they played. We knew that we wouldn't win. As I'd told quite a few folks before the match, as long as the team came out and played hard, we'd be proud. We were very proud of the team. Statistics show that we were affective against them and we were able to hold them a bit. UT's block was absolutely massive and that did some serious psychological damage.

As it's been said in different places online, and reading Coach Elliot's quote in the Sun News, this wasn't about beating UT. It was about getting ready for conference and Hawaii.

Now, about Utah. I quite honestly don't know what happened there. The only thing I can think of is that this team was exhausted - emotionally and physically. 5 games in 5 days against top notch competition can do that to a person. Last night's match was very different from what I'm used to seeing. I've been watching them for 4 years and I've never seen the mistakes that were made - rotation problems and simple, tiny mistakes. That makes me believe that they were just simply spent.

Up next is the Stanford Tournament on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They take on Stanford Thursday - a team that beat Texas a couple of weeks ago and is currently ranked #3. Friday they take on Santa Clara and Saturday it's Santa Barbara whose coach, Kathy Gregory just celebrated her 800th win.

Again, this is about getting ready for conference play. My hope is that the team is well rested and ready to go..and able to put last weekend behind them.

EDIT: I got a couple of emails from folks about this entry. In no way, shape or form should this entry be construed as my 'giving up on the team'. I've re-read it a million times and I'm not sure how anyone would have come to that conclusion. I have - and will always - continue to support the team through good and bad as should everyone else who reads this blog!!!

And if any of the team members come by and read along, know this: We fans are proud . We know it wasn't an easy schedule to undertake.