A View From The Stands :: October 13th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook


That's about all I can get to come out when I try to talk about the game in Reno. Since my wife decided in the third quarter that I needed to take over the "It's another Aggie First Down Chant" I have no voice left. Actually it is probably because I yelled it all away in support of the Aggie football team. This was the game I have been telling Chase and Matt Mumme about for three seasons. This team needed to beat a team that they were not supposed to beat and I think being a 19.5 point underdog definitely falls into that category.

The weather certainly dampened the normally rowdy (drunk) student section and I for one really appreciated it. What an awesome feeling getting to see this team walk out of a visiting locker room after a game with a bounce in their steps. This group of Aggie football players have not got to experience that until this weekend. The win is not as big as we would all like to celebrate with the injury to Richie Bolin, senior center for the Aggies. Richie is the glue that holds the O-line together and we all pray that it is not an injury that will keep him out very long. I'm sure Coach Mumme will have more information later in the week regarding injuries.

We flew into Reno on Friday morning and were able to visit some with a few coaches and players before we headed to Lake Tahoe. There was a blinding snowfall that fell on us during our drive back and I wondered if this may be a sign from above. The biggest win SO FAR in Hal Mumme's tenure here at NMSU and we would be snowed in at the hotel and unable to drive back down the mountain to see it happen. Roads were clear and along with about 175 other Aggie fans that were able to make the trip, we were rewarded with a 48-45 Aggie win.

The Aggies are 3-2 and 1-0 (WAC) and face a very tough SJSU Spartan team that will roll into Las Cruces for the Tough Enough To Wear Pink game this Saturday. We need AMS to be full of Aggie students and fans. This game needs to have 25,000 plus in attendance. The scene has been set, it's what so many have asked for. Give us a reason to support you... win. We have all heard it before but this team led by Chris Williams, A.J. Harris, D-Rich and "Rusty" Bolin have done it. They went to Nevada heavy underdogs and brought you back a victory. Can we win Saturday against the Spartans? No one know until the game is played (I predict 55-42 Aggies) but I still have to ask ............Are you the Chicken or the Egg?

Come out Saturday, support the Breast Cancer awareness campaign, support your Aggies and watch them get one victory closer to that Bowl game.


D. Holbrook

What a nice commentary by Chase's dad. As someone who has watched Aggie football for over 55 years, this year provides a special opportunity for the program to turn the corner. I hope so. David Holbrook and son are certainly doing their part. Go Ags!!


Finally a huge win on the road! Good job Ags! I will have a smile on my face all week after that big win. Let's get to 4-2 and 2-0 after this coming weekend vs. San Jose State!


I've been keeping up with The View from the Stands by David Holbrook. It's great to see the support that you give to the Aggies. I have been a long time supporter of the Aggies, win or lose. I have had the pleasure of knowing David Holbrook and his family for the past couple of years. I am proud to say that Chase, Chris, A.J. and all of the Aggie Football Players are very respectful, humble and always give 100%. We have met some of the player's parents and families and we can see where they get it from. This is what makes the Aggies a winning team. Thank you to all the Aggie Football Players for all of your hard work and dedication! My wife and I will definitely be in the stands to support you this weekend! Keep up the good work! GO AGGIES!
Sammy and Yvonne Gonzalez