A View From The Stands :: November 7th, 2008

Written By: David Holbrook

Last two home games for the seniors.

It is really hard to believe that this senior group has just two home games left to play in front of the Aggie faithful. While I want to get up on my soapbox and say a few things, I know it's best to just ask the fans to come out and support their team.

Regardless of how they feel about the season, coaching staff or the price of popcorn, this group of seniors would really appreciate a loud and supportive group in the stands. I have had a hard time seeing and hearing how a few bad apples have ruined the whole experience. I ask you if you are at the game and someone boos the players or cusses them or worse, let them know that it isn't right to treat their fellow students in that manner.

I have felt for the past three plus seasons that we have not had a home field advantage when it comes to the team being on the side of the student section. The team gets treated with more respect on the road by other student sections than they do at their own alma mater.

I guess I am old school and will not understand this but I do ask if you come to the last two home games, show these seniors and this Aggie team that you are their fans and support them. No one knows what the remainder of this season will bring. Win three games and they are bowl eligible, something we haven't got to have around here in a while.

While the preseason hype was much more, that would be a major step forward for Aggie football regardless of who is coaching them in the future.

Good things have happened in Aggie land over the past four years. While the win totals are not what anyone wanted or is happy with, the behind the scenes goings on are much improved. We have some beautiful facilities to show off when the recruits do get to come visit.

Come early, stay late and cheer on the Aggies. Leave the "hater" signs at home and Go Aggies!