A View From The Stands :: 11/18/08

Written By: David Holbrook

Final home game is upon us...

I have to admit that it finally got to me Saturday evening in Fresno after the Aggies fell to the Bulldogs 24-17.  The bowl game that so many had worked so hard for and felt was finally going to materialize was gone.  No more chances, no more wait till next week.  It's over.  Not only is that gone, this Saturday's game will be the last home game for the Aggie Seniors.
While this happens at every school, every year, this is the real deal for me.  It seems like just last December when Coach Mumme called with the news to Chase about his new job.  The friends we have made over the past four years will never be replaced and while we won't make the trip to Las Cruces as often, the wife and I will definitely make it back.  I will have to resort being an Aggie fan from afar via the internet and Aggie Access.  Not sure if they have counseling sessions set up for me, but I am sure I will be in need.

I know I have vented about fan behavior and support over the past few weeks and I need to give credit where credit is due.  The Hawai'i game for the most part was a nice example of how I know the people of Las Cruces and the students of New Mexico State University can treat their own team.  While the negative remarks and boos were still evident, they were not directed at the team or any specific player.  I wanted to say Thank You Las Cruces. 

Hopefully we can have a repeat this Saturday in the final home game for the Class of '09. What a great send off  to show these players that their hard work and dedication, while not ending the eay we had all hoped, is appreciated and respected.
I am quite sure that next season will bring new faces, new friends and other things to Aggie football and if possible I would like to drop in from time to time and post things to bother you guys with.  I will continue to post this season and the end of the year as recruiting and post season news may warrant.  I am proud that my son chose NMSU and became an Aggie.  He also is proud to have tried so hard to bring a winning mentality back to Aggie football.  The foundation has been laid by all of these players, especially the Seniors.  Please join me Saturday in giving them the send off they deserve.

Go Aggies!



We are the ones that should be thanking Chase, AJ, CW, Polo, and the other seniors for coming to NMSU!! I've seen a lot of classes come and go and this is the best senior class, these eyes have seen in almost 20 years!!

Yes, everyone is dissapointed the way the season turned out. The kids, fans and community had some pretty high expectations.
This is New Mexico State and every year we only have hope and aspirations to end the longest bowl drought in the country. Now we have to wait another year and hope, 2009 is the year.

See you at the game. Go Aggies!!