A View From The Stands :: 01/01/09

Written By: David Holbrook

The New Year has rang in and it looks to be a fast start for Aggie Football. While Chase has graduated we are still very interested in the Aggie Nation. Congratulations to Coach Walker and I hope he can get the school and community behind the program. Las Cruces and New Mexico State will rally behind a winner, but this group needs support from the get go. It will be an exciting time for Aggie football and the future should look very bright.

Just a quick update on Chase for those of you interested. He is home for the holidays, but will be leaving Monday morning to go train in Atlanta. His agent is really aggressive and has the next three months planned out. Not sure if it has been noted yet, but he will be playing on more game at the college level. Chase has been selected to play in the Texas vs the Nation game on January 31st in El Paso. One last chance for Aggie fans to get out and see Chase play. While the past 4 years flew by, the next three months leading up to the NFL draft are really getting into high gear. There are a few teams that have expresseed interest wiht his agent and there are some interviews set up in the weeks to come. I will try and keep everyone up to date on the process if you are interested and as always GO AGGIES!

Happy New Year !!!!