Calling All Aggies :: Football Ticketing Plan

Written By: Steve Macy, NM State Associate Athletic Director

Well, the football ticketing plan is finally released and now the fun part starts….. selling it!

It was a long approval process, but the great aspect of that is that many people on campus were able to contribute to the discussion. My sincere appreciation and thanks go out to Professor Jim Peach and former Aggie great John Cordova, VP at Coke. They both brought invaluable insight and my appreciation for the hours they worked with me on this cannot be measured.

This plan is a marketing plan first and foremost. We have had two essential issues that needed attention: people buying game-by-game and people buying at the last minute. Both of those activities are counter to what we want to achieve and that is a solid foundation of multiple-game fans. We could not “will” the desired activity and therefore had to create a plan aimed at changing behaviors. The timing with the new staff this year made it the perfect opportunity to make this fundamental change.

1. Increase the price of single-game tickets to be more in line with our peers in the WAC and the region. We will still boast the lowest single-game prices in the WAC and the region.
2. Significantly reduce the cost of most season ticket prices to induce multiple-game purchases. For many seats in the stadium, a season ticket will save 60% off the single-game price. All seats will save at least 40% off single-game prices.
3. Introduce a three-game package that includes the UTEP game, plus any other two games that fit a fan’s schedule. All but two sections in the stadium will save 35% off the single-game price. That means that this deal is essentially a buy two, get one free deal.

I am excited about this project, but the hard work is ahead. I will be soliciting volunteers to join me in selling season tickets to new account holders. We are all part of the NM State family and this family will work together to achieve greatness.

The press release is available on the NM State athletic website ( Get your tickets today!!