The Daily Aggie :: 05/26/09

Two days later the sting is still there. The NCAA tournament brackets were announced yesterday and to no one's surprise, the Aggies were not included in the field of 64. If you think that snubs in the NCAA tournaments extend only to men's basketball (and to a certain extent women's basketball) then we have an eye opening article from Baseball America's Aaron Fitt that you need to read. Included in the article are a couple of scathing quotes from the coaches of teams that were deserving of at-large bids. The snubbing of mid-majors extends to college baseball as well. We think that the coaches of the teams left out will gladly jump on Rocky Ward's bandwagon when it comes to changing the selection process so that it is less RPI oriented.

This may also be the first time in history that two 40+ win teams from one conference were left out of the NCAA tournament. The Aggies' 44 wins were the most of any team left out (stat courtesy of Jason Groves, Las Cruces Sun-News). Rhode Island was left out despite winning 37 games and boasting an RPI of 57. To put it in terms of college basketball, it's just about as big a crime as when in 2006 the NCAA men's basketball selection committee left Missouri State out of the Big Dance with an RPI of 21 (after proclaiming that the RPI of mid-majors matters when it comes to at-large consideration). But we digress. The Aggies' season is to be applauded and it's a signal that the Aggies are going to be a major factor in the league for years to come. Successful seasons like this breed more successful seasons and with it come better recruits, more fundraising, better facilities and more fans. Also favoring the Aggies in the future is the fact that the 2010, 2011 and 2012 WAC tournaments will be held in Mesa, AZ at Hohokam Stadium. The Aggies should benefit greatly, perhaps more than any other team. The Aggies have the least distance to travel to get to the tournament (which means that more Aggie fans can make the five or six hour trek), the climate in Mesa is similar to that of Las Cruces and the offensive advantage the Aggies have at Presley Askew Field should translate nicely to the new venue. In addition, as Coach Ward mentioned a couple weeks ago in our weekly interview, it gives his players the opportunity to be seen by the MLB scouts before the draft.

We'll have more on the Aggies' record breaking season throughout the week (we're waiting on final stats).

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Aggie Baseball
Jason Groves of the Las Cruces Sun-News writes that the Aggies are happy with the 2009 season.

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