Aggie Football Newsletter :: 08/07/09 :: A Very Southern California Inspired Edition

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

We are entering our third day of practice in Las Cruces.

It’s warm, okay, it’s hot here. And it gets hotter as the day goes on. Oingo Boingo would say "The temperature increased/the sky was crimson red."

So by the time we hit the field, it is prime time for the heat.

Things that are great about camp, if you’ve never been to football camp: Breakfast. We get to eat breakfast. It’s like that scene in Big Daddy where the characters never get up in time for breakfast at a fast food establishment and they’re so excited to be up for breakfast for once.

Same here… we usually get to the office before breakfast is even served. We have to wake up the rooster.

Bad things about camp: Nothing. It’s football time. Well, perhaps if there was one gripe, it would be the overuse of lip balm and sunscreen. It’s like when you go to Las Vegas and you’ve got amongst other things, insta-chapped lips. It’s fun and good times, but your lips are on fire.

Sure, baseball is great and all and was a first love for many of us, but it pales in comparison to American Football.

Currently, the Aggies are practicing in helmets as part of the NCAA mandated five day acclimation period. But, the Aggies don pads on Sunday and “two-a-days” begin on Monday.

We are in search of student managers that can assist us at practice throughout the season.

And since I’m in the asking mood, we’re also asking that you secure your season tickets now. We need Aggie Memorial filled to the brim of loud, and annoying (to the opposition of course) fans. We need to end the longest bowl drought in the NCAA.

Please ask them to contact me, Juan Lozano (select Aggie Football Newsletter from the 'Category' dropdown) for more information.


The number 49……………49 years…………….that’s how long it has been since NMSU went to a bowl game. Let’s change that…… us change that!!!


Coach Walker returns to the City of Los Angeles…….. sort of ………………..he is going to be spreading the word of the Aggies on the Petros and Money Show, a national radio sports show (but based in Los Angeles) on the Fox Sports Radio Network today.

Los Angeles has not only been good to Frank Sinatra, but it has been to us. We’re relying on residents of the county to help lead the Aggies to a bowl game.

We’re relying on sons of California to help lead us to victory. We’ve got a roster full of young men from the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. We need them to get us to where we need to be. And that is in a bowl game.

And we hope some prospective student- athletes hear Coach Walker on the radio today and think about Las Cruces.

The show can be heard on 570AM in Los Angeles/Southern California and Las Cruces.


New Mexico State University is making field passes available for Aggies fans only during home football games this season.

The sideline ticket/pass will include:

Access to the field
-- Stand on the home sideline before, during and after the game.
-- Watch warm ups from the sideline.
-- Pre-game locker room speech
-- Halftime speech
-- Post-game speech
-- A seat in the team meeting the night before the game at the team hotel.
Come out onto the field with the team and staff.

Never have Aggies fans had so much access!!

The pass costs $400 and only 6 will be available for each home game.

There’s nothing like seeing a game on the field! Feel the intensity of Division One football and rivalry games from the field! Always wanted to know what was said before, during and after games? Now you can.

All proceeds earned will go into the Goal Line club fund to help provide for student-athlete needs.

To purchase a field pass, contact Juan Lozano,


I’m looking for help with putting together pre-game music for home games.

Any suggestions? Anything from the Top 40 is not gonna be played. Black Eyes Peas. Sorry. Lady Gaga. Uh-uh.

Slipknot? Doubt it.

We want to make this a lively atmosphere. But we want to know what gets you going when you go for your run or go to the gym. We want to know what is in your ipod? What gives you that extra burst?

Let us know. We’ve got some ideas about the music, but we want to know what the fans think.


Football on Facebook

Also, Aggies Football is on Facebook.

Become a friend of the football program on Facebook.

The friend name is “Aggies Pigskin.” There are links to articles and video clips, and photos there of the Aggies football program.

We plan on having some things on there for fans that will only be exclusive to Facebook friends.

Log-on to and search for “Aggies Pigskin” and “friend” the program.

Benefits: Exclusive photos, content and unique opportunities for friends of the Aggies on-line. And by unique opportunities, I mean good stuff. Free stuff.

Thanks for being a CyberAggie.


In honor of John Hughes and his passing, the Aggies songs of the day are Psychedelic Furs. Or maybe some David Bowie (Opening of Breakfast Club), if you are more into the glamrock than New Wave.


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