Aggie Football Newsletter :: 08/14/09

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

Dear Aggies Faithful:

Good afternoon.

This is the close of our first full week of practice and today is another “two-a-day.” We already had one morning practice. We are preparing for the second one later this afternoon.

We were on the turf field earlier today because it rained last night and there was some other elements that came through. It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning.

What’s new to report? Well, there has been one story about NMSU Football that is out there this week.

It’s clear that there is an answer to the question of What is Hip? Helping out the Aggies.

We’ve had everyone from military families to incoming freshman provide us with snacks.

We very much appreciate all the help and kindness shown to us. We want this to be the program for all in town and in Southern New Mexico.

We’re thankful for the community’s efforts. I can’t begin to express what this has meant to some of our players in boosting their esteem, as well as in re-fueling them. Check out the photo below of some of the fellas smashing watermelons. This made their day on a hot Southern New Mexico day.


They’ve had to get snacks for all the work they are putting in.


If you’d like to help out, please contact me.

Otherwise, it’s just been a busy week with media day, team photo day and getting ready for the season.


NMSU Football and Volleyball are joining forces to have a Juggernaut of a banquet.

The information is available at ">


Practice times are available on the website. All practices are open to the public. If you come, I’ll make sure that I get you some water from our Powerade bottles.

Also, it appears as of right now that we will be having a scrimmage on Saturday, the 22nd.

It’s been a busy week so I may have missed somethings. Normally I only miss : (1) Mid-90’s music, tortas and broiled chicken, but I may have missed something with the crazy goings-on this week. If so… sorry…

If I do remember something, I will get back at you all. But for now, I think I’m Forgetful Jones.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Oh yes, sign up for our squad’s Facebook page. You can friend us at “Aggie Pigskin.” Photo and other updates can be found on there. Coach Walker is on Sirius Radio tonight. Channel 127 with Todd Wright. It can also be heard on It should be on at about 9PM MST.

Enjoy Youngstown.