Kelli Goodan's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: 08/17/09

Hello all you dedicated Aggie Volleyball fans! I hope this diary entry finds you all well and excited for the upcoming season. Boy, time sure has flown by hasn’t it? It was just yesterday that I was an incoming freshman meeting everyone and trying to get accustomed to all the new volleyball lingo. It was as if coach was talking in a whole new language! Left side transition, step out, left hand in the setter’s face, block, get overpass, and the list goes on and on… I remember an incident when we were doing a drill and coach was yelling at me to “step out.” I was very flustered at that time, and I started walking off the court. Coach stopped practice and asked what I was doing. I thought he meant, get out of the drill and step off the court. He actually meant for me to step over and block the ball. He found my new found knowledge of the game to be quite humorous and laughed at me. Looking back, it really was quite a concept. But even as a senior, there are always new things to learn. The learning process never stops.

The volleyball team is well on the way to the beginning of a great 2009 season! We started two-a-days on Saturday August 8th. It’s been slightly slower going, since we have so many new people they need to learn our system and how we do things. But they are all picking it up very quickly and doing very well.

The second day of practice Beth made everyone freeze in a dead stop… she lost a contact! Just imagine… Coach Jordan on his hands and knees looking for a contact! Well you might have a pretty good imagination if you can see that, because that did not happen. But there were about twelve girls and three other coaches on their hands and knees with their eyes scouring the floor, surrounding Beth, searching for the missing contact lense. Unfortunately, it was not found, but luckily Beth had another set of contacts in the lockeroom. As a volleyball player, you always need to be prepared!

Trying to get accustomed to all the new gear has been a trial as well. We have had very few blisters compared to past years. Thank the Lord! And Kimberly Herbert, our athletic trainer, and the other athletic training students, (Heather, Nick, Kelsey, and Crystal) have been helpful and have taken very good care of us! Some shoes are still stiff enough that during warm-ups we’ve even had a few girls run right out of them!

We were lucky enough to see part of the exhibition soccer game against New Mexico Highlands University. I along with a few other girls on the team, have little to no past soccer experiences. As a result, we were completely lost; and, we would make sound effects like “Ouch!” “Oooohhh, that looked like it hurt!” “That should be a foul!” “Why?!” But as a whole, we all enjoyed the game and look forward to everything the new soccer girls have to offer. Welcome to New Mexico State University and Aggie Athletics!

We are now on the home stretch! Three more days of two-a-day practices and then it’s back to school. The alumni game is less than a week away! Let’s just see how Kim Nield (Oguh), Anna Callis, Bri Akrie, Jackie Choi, and the others will fare against this year’s team. It appears that there will be good match-ups, but I’m confident that we have the upper hand! I look forward to seeing everyone again, and we’ll see you Saturday night at the Pan American Center! And have a terrific week!



Time flies Kelli!

I remember 4 years ago when Coach came on my radio show to talk about the upcoming season. He talked about the new players and told us about this wonderful 'kid' from Des Moines, New Mexico (I had to double check with him cuz I'd never heard of Des Moines, NM) who was going to be a great addition to the team.

Boy was he right!!! :)