Aggie Football Newsletter :: 08/30/09 :: Idaho Week Ramblings

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

Hello Aggies Fans:

It’s Sunday and here we go, the start of Idaho week.

Idaho week stared off with a neighbor blaring “My Favorite Mistake” by Sheryl Crow and waking me up in the process.

I’m thinking I woke up in 1999 again.

This happens frequently.

I just look at my musical tastes and wardrobe and not much has changed. Ah yes, 1999… it was a very good year.

Yet, I instantly associated that song with being back in 1999. And since I was headed to the office, I immediately connected it with football.

Specifically, I was thinking of October 16th, 1999. I’m in the California Golden Bears team hotel in Glendale, California (sister city of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico and home of great kabobs as well as the birthplace of Bob’s Big Boy chain that is thankfully making a triumphant comeback), the night before California takes on UCLA at the Rose Bowl and I fell asleep listening to music as was my custom back then, and that was one of the last songs I heard was that song.

I thought it was going to be the last sound I was going to ever hear. (On a slightly morbid but germane side note, if the last words I ever were Keith Jackson’s voice uttering: “In the shadow of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, we are in the wash, in the Arroyo Secco, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.” To quote Morrissey, the pleasure, the privilege would be mine).

But no, what I heard and felt was the building that I was in, rocking and shaking and rolling. I was in the strongest earthquake that I had ever been part of. At about 3AM in the morning. Up about 20 floors.

It was a magnitude of 7.1. It felt like it went on for about thirty seconds and in fact, it had.

Lots of the Cal guys slept in the lobby and parking lot the rest of that night/morning.

The same day and about eleven hours later, California wins 17-0 in a nationally televised game. Pretty good little upset.

So, Sheryl Crow/ My Favorite Mistake….good omen? Si.

Look how far we have come since we first started conversing. I can reveal near-death experiences and tie them into something football related. One day, I guess I will tell you all about getting hit by a car when on a bike or broiling in the Grand Canyon for a day on a hike, if I can somehow make it relevant to the game of fútbol Americano. At least one of them is a good story in that it makes me seem partially heroic.

We are here now, really on the eve of the 1st game in a new era for New Mexico State football. New Era. Yup. A new era.

I was at a local feeding hole near campus the other day, and I was approached by a faculty member on campus who knows that I am tenuously employed as a member of the football staff. The first thing he said to me was that our fellas have a different attitude about them. How they have a lot of pride in the fact that they are members of the program and that they walk with their head held high. Oh, how it made my little heart glad.

We got here in the winter, spring is a distant memory, summer ends this weekend and we are heading into fall. It goes quick, but we’re excited to have you along for this journey. Thanks for being with us this far.

You’re gonna like what you see. Let’s enjoy this season together. I’m looking forward to it. So should you.


In case any of you were wondering what Idaho week meant, it means that we are facing the Idaho Vandals at 6PM at Aggie Memorial Stadium this Saturday.

(The Vandals by the way are a good little punk band from Orange County, CA that is headed up by Joe Escalante, one of the world’s most interesting human beings.)

Please do what you can take to make this game a sell-out. Let’s fill every seat at Aggie Memorial. I need to see it filled. I read somewhere that they anticipated 15,000 there and that would be a good crowd. If that occurs, I might cry. And not a good cry. It will be an ugly one, like when I watched I Am Sam for the first time. An ugly, gasping for breath kind of cry. No one wants to see that. Gotta have more than 15K there. Must have more than 15K there.

You’d be annoyed with me , like you were when your old boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you and they sobbed uncontrollably and you just were so over it and didn’t want to even discuss matters with them, but knew you had to out of a sense of social contract/obligation, even though the sobbing would prevent them from any decent conversation or rational analysis. Yeah, never happened to me either.

So please come. Bring some friends along. Come down and say hi to us. I want to know who the delete-ers , I mean readers of this email are.

Bring as many friends as you have, tailgate like crazy, get inside the stadium before kickoff, and make so much noise that you may be bringing a tad bit too much attention to you and your crew.

Where are all the good tailgates?

Who makes the best tailgate food?

Would you like to share some of this food?

This is the stuff that we gotta know and pass along. People need to know where to get the good stuff.

Let’s make AMS rowdy. And not just a little rowdy, but borderline out of control.

Something that alarms the masses, namely opponents.

Something that makes opponents shudder a bit, take delay of games, false starts and use timeouts.

Act like you can impact the outcome of the game……. Because really, you can.

Don’t know if you know that, but you can. (but please be quiet when we have the rock)

The next two games are home games against Prairie View A&M and UTEP. The week after, we make the trek up to ABQ and face the Lobos.

If you are out of market and can’t make it down to the game, then check out the game on ESPN GamePlan (really, you should come to the game though if I wasn’t clear enough). And for those of you that can’t travel to our games and you are in town, Buffalo Wild Wings will televise games at their fine establishment that has tvs that look like small jumbotrons. (Buffalo Wild Wings will also be the site of Coach Walker’s weekly radio show on Wednesday evenings immediately after practice).

The DeWayne Walker Coaches Luncheon will be held weekly on home game Fridays at Eddie’s Bar & Grill on Avenida De Mesilla at 12:00pm. The first one will be this Friday, September 4th. See you there.

SAN DIEGO/ October 3, 2009

San Diego County is home to the 2009 Little League World Series Champions which pleases me to no end.

And on October 3, 2009, the Aggies land on San Diego’s shores and face the San Diego State Aztecs. I know you’re going to come out en masse… but you’re gonna need a place to stay when there. My family’s home will already be filled with people coming down for the game. And my mom can’t make breakfasts for all of you, so again you can’t stay there.

Mark Blumenthal, Aggie letterman asked us to pass along this entertaining message about why you should come see the Aggies in San Diego and where you should stay. (Check out his collection of Aggies memorabilia…muy impressive). I like that he calls folks out by name.

Mark is going to have some news we can use regarding an official Aggies football tailgate shortly. We’d love to see you all there and cheering the fellas on. It would mean a lot to the Aggies.


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The friend name is “Aggies Pigskin.” There are links to articles and video clips, and photos there of the Aggies football program. You sign up and you’ll get some nice “behind the scenes” stuff.

(Speaking of “behind the”……… Behind the Music is coming back on VH-1….. I think I saw the Leif Garrett one at least 80 times and the Poison one about half as many times as that one and I like neither of those groups/acts/people.)

We plan on having some things on there for fans that will only be exclusive to Facebook friends. Yes, so even though you may be on this newsletter list, you may only get some of the good stuff we have out there. In fact, you should get signed up just to be a friend of the Aggies.

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That is all for now.

I’m gonna listen to some Breathe by Willy Porter, because I may forget to do just that on Saturday.

See ya then.