Kelli Goodan's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: 09/16/09

Hello all! Well as I'm sure you already know it has been a rough couple of weeks for NMSU Volleyball. After our losses from the Hotel Encanto Tournament held in Las Cruces (vs. Florida State and No. 8 Illinois), and the losses on the road in Notre Dame (vs. Wisconsin and Notre Dame), the team has really picked up and looked forward to the next battle. Oh, and sorry about the close match against UTEP, we just wanted to make sure your hearts were working properly. And it looks like they are! Congratulations!

Before we get into how the team is interacting, I must tell you about our trip to Indiana. We were able to go see "Touchdown Jesus" which is the mural painted on the library, directly across from the Notre Dame Football Stadium. It was a really neat sight to see so much history that you will more than likely only get to see on television. Our team shrinks down in size considerably while on the road; we are only able to take twelve girls while traveling. By having 19 people on the roster; when we practice on the road, it feels like we just aren't complete. The coaches even say, "Is this everyone?"

Here's a tidbit of information that I have never seen before, there was a coffee vending machine in the building where we played! Trish tried it out, and said it was decent. So if you ever get the chance to try a coffee vending machine in the wall, let me know how it is! On the other side of a large blue curtain, was an indoor hockey/ice rink; which would explain the coffee. But it's still something different from living in the desert.

Being able to say that I have been in Notre Dame was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I just wish we could say that we came away from those games victorious. But in a lot of ways, I can always say we are victorious. We have come away with lessons learned by each and every one of us. We see our weaknesses and a path-goal that we can set in motion to overcome the future obstacles that lie in our path. I am still very confident in our ability as a whole, that we will battle through our struggles and overcome all the barriers standing in the way. So don't start to doubt us now, because it has only begun! And we need each and every one of you now more than ever!

On a lighter note, it's always interesting to see how Coach will use analogies in practice. We flew to Chicago on our way to Indiana, and yesterday in practice Coach used the Sears towers to get a point across to Kelsey Brennan. He told her that her fingers needed to look like the antennas on that tower while blocking. She said she knew what the tower looked like, but didn't pay any attention to it while on this trip. My thoughts were... "What exactly were you looking at?" Kelsey tends to be the fact person of the team. She knows all the little facts of everyday life about the most random things; such as, Starbucks first started in Washington. Ask her anything about Washington and she more than likely could tell you. She's very proud of her home state which is something everyone should be.

Kim Herbert, our athletic trainer, got picked on quite a bit on this trip, I can't tell you the story, as it's not mine to tell. Just ask Krista Altermatt about the drinking fountains in the airport and I'm sure she will fill you in. Kim we love you! No matter how tall you are!

Coming up is UTEP in El Paso on the 22nd, followed by the opening game of Conference play against Utah State, Thursday, September 24th at the Pan American Center. I look forward to seeing all of you there, and can't wait to get some kills in on the Miners!

P.S. I just want to thank everyone for that wonderful surprise out on the lawn of the Pan American Center when we came back from Denton, TX. It's so sweet of you to welcome us home. It might be a small memento in your eyes, but it means a lot to us because we know how much you care about each and every one of us. Thank you.

P.P.S. Thanks to my family for coming to the game on Saturday against Illinois, I know you aren't able to get away very often, and it was a very sweet surprise! I love each and every one of you! And it always makes me smile when people know who my family is; my teammates come over to me, point and say, "Is that your family Kelli?" I reply, "Yes, how did you know?" They always say, "It's the cowboy hats, and belt buckles." By the way, now Don Flora (our assistant coach) calls me "Buckle." Gee thanks Don!