Aggie Football Newsletter :: 09/22/09 :: UNM Week

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

Happy Belated International Day of Peace to all.

And a very hearty (I think I’ve only used “hearty” when referring to beef stew ) thanks for coming out to the Aggies game against the Idaho Vandals. And Prairie View A&M. And this weekend’s rain-soaked marathon/never ending game against the UTEP Miners.

Three home games in a row. It’s hard to believe that we have already gone through half of our home games this year.

Very happy to see that despite the rains coming, and it being nearly unstoppable for three hours (not three days) that many toughed it out and stayed in the crowed. That’s great to see.

Stick with us. We’re building something here……. a team. Not a slogan, not a self-promotion or slick marketing campaign………. but a team.  We’re building a team you can be proud of. And we need you. We need you to make Aggie Memorial a tough place for opponents to play. We need you making noise on defense on all downs and quiet as a church mouse when we have the rock.

So what does this remind me of?

Well, I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid. A lot. Back them cartoons were full of good stuff such as over the top, hilarious cartoon violence.

One of my favorite cartoon episodes was the tortoise and the hare. (Also a good song by the Moody Blues). I’m sure everyone knows the tale, but in case you don’t, the cartoon is linked above.
Moral of the story: Building a program takes time.  Steady wins the race.


This week’s contest against the UNM Lobos is at 8pm on Saturday.

For those of you that can’t be there in person, then be advised that the game will be carried on the Mtn. Network.

This is the announcing team for the game.

PXP: Dan Gutowsky
Color: Blaine Fowler
Sideline: Keenan McCardell

While we are playing the Lobos, Los Lobos ironically is going to be playing at the Whole Enchilada Festival here in town. No lie. That’s the Story of My Life. A favorite band comes to town and I’m out.
After this next week, on to San Diego……………………

SAN DIEGO/ October 3, 2009

Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo was in the service of the king of Spain and the conquistador Hernan Cortes. He joined in the conquest of Mexico and Guatemala.

In 1542, Cabrillo led the first European expedition to explore the west coast of the United States. Cabrillo hoped to find the fabulously wealthy cities known as Cibola.

He found something better.

He found San Diego.

Cabrillo along with three ships (did the Spanish always roll out with three ships? See Columbus and the Santa María, Niña, and Pinta) reached "a very good enclosed port" which is now San Diego Bay, on September 28, 1542, naming it "San Miguel". Six days later, he departed San Diego sailing northward and exploring the uncharted coast line of California.

I’m sure I would have been glad to see him go. I don’t really like too many visitors to my hometown. But I will make an exception for October 3, 2009.

Mark Blumenthal, Aggie Letterman asked us to pass along this entertaining message about why you should come see the Aggies in San Diego and where you should stay. (Check out his collection of Aggies memorabilia)

You may purchase your game tickets on sale now for the NMSU Aggies at San Diego State online at: Click on the Events tab located on the left navigational pane of the NMSU Alumni Association Online Community homepage. Scroll down and click on the event titled "NMSU Aggies at San Diego State" or contact the NMSU Alumni Office at (575) 646-3616.

The Tailgate location is in section H2 which is near the entrance to the bus & players private parking lot and will be catered by La Taquiza Restaurant and Caterers. I will get more information about the tailgate shortly. Apparently it will start at noon and end at 4pm. And there will be an aftergame tailgate from 8pm to 10pm. 

Here is a list of Aggies on the roster from San Diego County:
#8- Tanner Rust (El Capitan HS)
#45- Tony Epenesa (Rancho Bernardo HS/Mesa JC)
#59-David Norman (Poway HS/Mesa JC)
#68-Matt Passwaters (Point Loma HS/ Mesa JC)
#88-Kyle Hipp (Cathedral Catholic HS/Grossmont JC)
#96-Michael Diaz (Steele Canyon HS)
Speaking of athletes from San Diego County, here is a fantastic article on Sal Aunese.  Great piece on him the other day on Outside the Lines on ESPN. Was fighting back the ugly cry when watching it.  
Anyways… help take over the “Q”. I know that many people have let me know that they are going to roll deep at the game. 
Make some noise. Help us win. I’d give everything I own to get a win just minutes from where I grew up. Nothing would bring me more Joy.
Gotta run. Off to practice. 1st practice of UNM week starts in 40 minutes.

And again…. Thanks for your support.

In honor of Peace Day yesterday, enjoy some “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes.