The Journey to UTEP

It's always an interesting event when VB fans get together for a game. We always have a lot of fun and excitement during the pre-game festivities and yesterday was no exception to our rule.

54 die hard Aggie fans gathered at the Fulton Center for dinner and the bus ride down to Memorial Gym. It was a fun and uneventful trip, until we got to El Paso when a driver in a Caddy decided to 'challenge' our bus on the turn from Executive Center onto Mesa.

He wasn't successful and we smacked him. Note to drivers: A bus needs room to turn and you aren't getting around it and you aren't going to beat it. We took it in stride and were delayed about 30 minutes while we dealt with an ambulance and fire truck - the other driver called 911. Hat tip to El Paso PD who got us on the road as fast as they could.

With that little adventure finished, we hustled to Memorial Gym and got there in the nick of time. We were a little out-cheered and out-yelled but we held in there. I would bet a majority of the Aggie Faithful are either voiceless or close to it as I am. I think next year we'll talk about sitting on both sides of the baseline instead of one side. That way, Pistol Pete won't be all alone down on the other side. Pistol, by the way, was awesome as usual.

As far as the game goes, great as usual. Yes, there were some glitches - we're still a young team but I could definitely tell that they are starting to gel together a little more. Serve receive is still a point of contention. I did feel like our setters are starting to really click. Watching from the baseline (back of the court) you get a new view - you can see the plays setting up differently than when you sit on the side. It's interesting to see the mechanics of from the 'back of the court'.

So what's next? We start conference on Thursday when Utah State comes to town. The team heads to Ruston, LA to play Louisiana Tech on Sunday and Kyle D should have the play by play on AM 570. Game time for La Tech is 1pm.

Mark this on your calendar in case you haven't - Hawaii makes their visit to the Pan Am on Saturday, October 3rd.

Having said that, our Aggies played their hearts out and kept the winning streak alive at 11. It is always a treat to take a victory from a rival on their court and in front of their fans. Next year, however, we need more Aggies in the seats. I'd love to see us with 100 fans - 2 busses - on the road to UTEP. Don't worry, we'll issue the warning to Cadillac drivers - The Aggies are on their way to invade. Stay away from the bus.