The Daily Aggie :: 03/18/10 :: Michigan State Press Conference And Open Practice Update

Here are a few photos from today's press conference and open practice as well as a couple of quotes.

Junior Guard Durrell Summers
On what they know about New Mexico State:
"They have a lot of guys who can shoot it. Their big men can step out and shoot it and we haven't guarded too many big men that can step out and shoot, so that's just a little adjustment we have to make, but other than that I think we will be prepared."

Sophomore Forward Delvon Roe
On New Mexico State:
"Basically they have nothing to lose. They are all out there playing their hardest. They are a team that can beat us in transition and we can't let them beat us in transition."

Now that you all have seen more film and gone through the whole scouting process and everything, what do you think of New Mexico State and just what they bring to the table?
DRAYMOND GREEN: They like to run and gun. They get up-and-down. They put a lot of threes up. And they have five guys that's averaging double figures or five or six. So they're going to score the basketball.
But they have to defend us as well. We're just not going to go out and say they can score the basketball and not defend. We're going to defend them and we know everything they do, we have watched a lot of film on them, we worked on them a lot, we have been preparing since Sunday. So we know a lot about them.
KALIN LUCAS: They're a good team and they have good players, and one thing we're going to do is we're going to defend them and we're just going to play.

Head Coach Tom Izzo
On what pace he wants the game to be played at:
"Well, I want to play fast but I am concerned about turnovers. I think that's a big part of their game. We're going to try to get up and down and just take better care of the ball which for the most part the last ten games of the Big 10 we took much better care of the basketball than we did early on."

On the importance of guarding the three point shot:
Just because of the seeding the way it is you look at it as an upset if a 12 beats a 5 and I would say the number one way of upsetting someone is the three point shot. The free throw line I think could be number two. They score when nobody's defending them. They possess the one thing that would probably lead to the most upsets in America and that's getting hot from the three point line or making a lot of three point shots. We're going to have to defend that which for the most part at least statistically we've done a pretty good job.

On Kalin Lucas being upset after Jahmar Young's comments about him [not knowing who he was]
You know, I talked to him for two minutes just because I think that's a media thing personally. I really don't think he's -- I mean probably his ego makes it a little upset which it would anybody because you don't hear a lot of that in a NCAA tournament. You can go to a lot of press conferences and you don't hear certain comments. But trust me those comments aren't going to win or lose the game. And if he needs that to be motivated, I say we're in trouble. I'm sorry not, that's not going to be any extra motivation.

Maybe it's inexperience on the other player's part. Because I would be, I think I would be more upset with my player if he said something like that or upset with him if he got really upset. So I don't know. When I talked to him just briefly to him, two seconds on it, he didn't seem that way to me. But if he is, I'm going to make sure he gets rid of that. I want him to play because he wants to win a game. This is not an individual matchup.