Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 04/15/10 Your thoughts on the Louisiana Tech series? You were about to get your first conference win and the two losses were games that could have gone either way.
Kathy Rodolph: We know that we're not playing as well as we believe that we have the talent too and we have really tried to take a step back and try to figure out why that is and why we are putting so much pressure on ourselves. We're going to give everything that we have and try to stay positive and work on the mindset. This weekend at Louisiana Tech, Meghan Krieg is an outstanding pitcher and I tip my hat to her, we had opportunities to score and were not able to capitalize and come through. The bright spot on the weekend was that we played great defense and our pitchers gave up less runs and that's something to look forward to. We had some kids that did play very well in the series. We're back, working hard and ready to get after another series this weekend. Your freshmen in the La. Tech series really played well and were coming up big in big situations.
KR: Our freshmen are very talented and they have been playing behind a very experienced team and it was one of those that as some of the kids were maybe slumping a little bit we really felt like the freshmen could be a spark and be able to come in and really give us good positive energy and that absolutely happened with Lauren Morizi and Tehani Kaaihue. It's definitely something we need, they know we need it and they're excited to be able to help. Alex Newman came in against UT-Arlington in relief in the second inning and after giving up a hit in that inning, she really dominated the rest of the game retiring the final 10 batters she faced.
KR: Alex is starting to come into her own and just be steady for us. I feel like she hasn't been too high or too low and been able to hit spots and let our defense work. Tehani did a great job at third in that game because she fielded some really hot shots and was able to handle it and welcomed the pressure. I feel like Alex knew that her defense had her back as well. This series this weekend against Nevada is obviously an important one, despite your early struggles you're really just a series win from putting yourself back into the picture in the middle of the league.
KR: We definitely know that this weekend is a big series. We're just hoping that we have folks come out and really support us and know that we're going to do everything we can to get this turned around. We love to play at home and the kids have really good energy and are looking forward to the series this weekend. They knew that even though we didn't come away with more than one victory in the La. Tech series, they knew that we were playing better and we easily could have. We were one or two plays away from turning the momentum our way. There's a lot of positive energy and we're definitely going to be working hard.

I think it's definitely going to be a good battle this weekend and a great matchup between us and Nevada. I feel like the team that can stay in the battle the longest is going to come out on top. It definitely is a battle and at this point in the season things don't alway go your way, you have to make them go your way. We're definitely glad to be playing at home and we know that if we want to come out on top we've got to make our breaks. What were some specific things that you saw out of the La. Tech weekend that pleased you?
KR: I feel like the outfield was really on every play. If the pitchers were able to keep the ball in the yard, they were going to run it down and work for us. The infielders were definitely ranging. They know that they're going to get a lot of ground balls with the staff that we have in the circle. They'll be the first to say, "Hey, get us a ground ball and we'll get you out of it."

At the plate it definitely was a spark to have Lauren come in and be able to hit the ball out of the park and just great positive energy and carry some of the load. Part of what's going on is we've got a junior group that has basically played every inning for three years and that's an awful lot of pressure to carry and we realize we need some others to step up and produce and take some of that pressure off.