Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: September 13th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie volleyball fans! What an exciting week for the volleyball program! We just got back from LSU and some of the boosters were there to greet us at the Pan Am! I am so thankful that we have such a great support system, and I truly believe that our boosters are the BEST!

About the tournament… We played well against Rice and defeated them in three, played sub-par against North Carolina and lost in three, and then we played the #21 team in the nation, Louisiana State. We dropped the first set, but once we got our nerves out we began to play better and better as the match progressed. We lost games one and two, then rallied back to win games three and four! It was honestly the most fun I have ever had playing volleyball!

We were serving tough, digging balls, hitting hard… everyone was so into the game, so focused, and so intent on winning that we all came together and played great volleyball. Unfortunately, we lost the fifth set 17-15 but we learned that we have what it takes to be a great volleyball team!

As I’m sure most of you have heard, our teammate Stephanie Ziegler is out for the rest of the season due to a broken leg. She went up to hit against Rice in the first game and landed on the opponent’s foot. She came under the net and everyone instantly knew that something was wrong. She was very poised and stayed very composed for how much pain she was actually in. As it turns out she broke both her tibia and fibula but it was a clean break which is good news for a better recovery!

She had emergency surgery Friday night and she is expected to be back here in Las Cruces Wednesday evening! We will miss her on the court but we are so thankful that she is expected to make a full recovery.

We play UNM on Tuesday and my brother is going to come for that game! I haven’t seen him since June so I am pretty excited to see him. Also, my other family that lives in Albuquerque is coming to the game so we will have a good Aggie cheering section at Johnson Gym!

Then we head to Arizona to play Arizona, Texas State, and Pepperdine! We are excited for the games ahead, and we are excited to play great volleyball! Until next time… GOOOOOOOOO AGGIES!