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Check out our interview this week with Aggie head football coach DeWayne Walker. Also check out AggieVision's video from the weekly football press conference which is held on Tuesdays with quotes from Coach Walker as well as a few of the Aggie players.

We talked to Coach Walker about what he feels the defense needs to improve on in Saturday's game with Kansas and the main thing he pointed to was execution. He explained that when the defense doesn't play well, as was the case in Saturday's game, the first thing he looks at is the opposing team's scheme and whether or not they ran what the coaching staff had scouted and prepared for. Coach Walker and the players felt that their scout was correct and that the Miners did not run anything they weren't expecting leading Coach Walker to point to his team's execution as the main factor behind it's struggles.

The difference between the Aggies and Jayhawks lies on the defensive side of the ball. KU is allowing 20.7 points per game while the Aggies have given up an average of 41.5. The good news for the Aggie offense is this will be the first offense that the Aggies have faced that isn't a potential Top 10 offense. The Jayhawks have struggled much like the Aggies on offense and are averaging 15.7 points per game (the Aggies are averaging 15.5), KU is averaging 124.3 rushing yards per game (the Aggies are averaging 100.5), and the Jayhawks are averaging 171.3 passing yards per game (the Aggies hold the edge here averaging 211.5 passing yards per game).

When we asked Coach Walker about his defense going up against an offensive line that has struggled to protect the quarterback (KU has allowed 12 sacks through three games) he had this to say, "There's no question. We need to have some success, get some turnovers and get some sacks. Cut down on our mistakes which is killing us with the explosive plays. This could be a big confidence builder for our football team."

On the flip side, Kansas head coach Turner Gill held his press conference on Monday and his press conference sounded a lot like Coach Walker's. He noted that he, much like Coach Walker, would like to see his defense create more turnovers. So far through two games the Aggie offense has turned the ball over just once, an interception thrown by Matt Christian late in the game against UTEP.

It will be interesting to watch Saturday's game unfold as the two teams both look for similar things, more pressure on defense and more consistency on offense. It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that the team that finds both first is going to be the team that comes out of this one with the victory.

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