The Daily Aggie :: 10/18/07 :: Volleyball Update

The Aggie volleyball team just finished an incredible match against Nevada. It looked like the Aggies were going to run the Wolfpack out of the building, winning the first two matches and they led 27-21 in what should have been a deciding game three. Nevada made a furious comeback and won game three, then won game four in extra points (NMSU's Live Stats broke so you'll have to do without scores until tomorrow) and then Nevada had SIX, yes six match points against the Aggies in game five but the girls showed the grit, determination and heart that has become a trademark of Mike Jordan teams and pulled out an unbelievable win. As is often said in sports, the Aggies literally pulled victory from the jaws of certain defeat. Incredible ending.

We hope to have a more in depth analysis from our volleyball expert Mel later on.