The Daily Aggie :: 11/09/10

The Aggie men's basketball team raced past the Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds winning 98-72 (see what we did there?) The Aggies had no trouble with a Division II team that gave UTEP fits to the very end and hung tough with New Mexico for 30 minutes.

The rebounding numbers were lopsided which was to be expected against a team that's smaller than the Aggies. The blocks were also lopsided, 12 for the Aggies, none for the Greyhounds. The turnovers were also unfortunately lopsided, 29 for the Aggies and 16 for the Greyhounds.

That being said, the Aggies still won by 26 points and maybe more importantly they held the Greyhounds under 40 percent shooting for the night (37.5 percent in both halves in fact). That's one area that the Aggies struggled with last season, holding teams to under 40 percent shooting.

Free throws were a bit of a problem for the Aggies but then again, when have free throws ever not been a problem for an Aggie team? The Aggies shot just 11-of-20 from the charity stripe, something that the Aggies will have to definitely improve on in the coming weeks. That's one statistic that is not impacted by the team you're playing against.

A couple of things we saw that we liked and/or noticed was different. The Aggies crashed the boards much moreso it seemed than in seasons past. Sure the Aggies were playing against a smaller, Division II team. However, regardless of the opponent, the Aggies were going after rebounds aggressively which was refreshing to see. (And just for reference, three games into last season, the Aggies let Oklahoma Panhandle State grab 37 rebounds while the Aggies had just one more at 38 and we'd consider OPSU just slightly above a Division II team. OPSU had a -3.4 rebounding margin last season).

Second thing we noticed, the Aggies' passing and decision making on passes seemed to be a lot quicker and crisper than last year. There was a lot more touch passes and moving the ball around (with a purpose) which was also nice to see.

The Aggies seem to have definitely benefitted from their summer trip to Canada and the 10 extra practices they got as a result.

We'll be talking with head coach Marvin Menzies today to get his thoughts on the exhibition and we'll have our season preview of the Aggie men's basketball team out a little later this week (but before the season opener on Friday).

And finally, yesterday we shared a couple of examples of Division II schools rising up to stun their Division I big brothers, last night saw another upset as Tennessee was throttled at home 79-64 by the University of Indianapolis (who also happen to be nicknamed the Greyhounds).

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