Nevada came to town one night...

I've been thinking alot about what to say in this entry.

I could sit here and say that the team fell apart and almost let Nevada win, or that Nevada came in to hand the Aggies their heads on a platter and almost did.

From a fan perspective, I think we in the stands let the team down. If you've been to a game, you'll know that we can get a little rowdy. Our "Tailgater" section was right in there - especially after our esteemed leader won the Mr. Aggie contest. But when it came to game 4 and 5, we missed the boat.

I think it was due to shock at what we were seeing transpire before our eyes. Our team was struggling. It's kind of a new thing for us to see it. I mean, after all, this was just Nevada. Yeah, there's some bad blood there and you could tell by the looks on the Nevada team's faces that they were here to win. Point after point we saw them celebrating, watched our team with a confused look on their face and saw Coach's "Mike-O-Meter" (tm) almost go off the scale.

We in the stands sat quietly as if we were watching a tennis match. We didn't get up on our feet to rally them, to let them know we were in there with them. We sat and watched. It took Pistol Pete coming up into the stands next to us to get us going again. Thank goodness for Pete.

Once we got back into things, well - you saw what happened. The team needed us and we bailed.

So Aggie faithful take note. The next time you're in the stands at the Pan Am, watching this amazing team, get off your butts and cheer. Don't just follow the crowd. If you wanna make some noise, make it. We'll be right there cheering along. If you see a group of folks cheering, join in. We'd love to have ya make some noise with us.

The Texas A&M Aggies have their 12th man in the stands. Our Lady Aggies need us to fulfill that role for them. It's the least we can do, right?

We take on San Jose State today at 1pm; tailgate starts at 10am or so. We'll be there as soon as we can get into theparking lot after the Homecoming Parade takes off. Join us!