The Daily Aggie :: 01/25/11 :: WAC Members Intact For Now

The Mountain West Conference has opted against expanding their conference to 12 teams at least for the time being according to a statement issued on the Mountain West's website.

"Over the past two days, the Board of Directors has engaged in a very thorough discussion of several key topics pertinent to the future of the Mountain West Conference. This has included, but not been limited to, issues related to television, the Bowl Championship Series and membership. The Board feels strongly the membership configuration already established going forward creates outstanding prospects for future success. In addition, we are continuing with our strategic initiatives related to our television partnerships and the MWC's efforts to effect change in the BCS structure. The Board is excited about what is undoubtedly a bright future for the Conference."

The expansion talk piqued yesterday amidst rumors that Utah State and San Jose State were set to join the Mountain West to form a 12-team conference.



I blame the entire WAC situation on Karl Benson.
When BSU & Hawaii went to back to back BCS bowls, the WAC was at it's peak and the best non AQ conference.

Instead of seizing the moment and going after MWC or C-USA schools to solidify the conference. He stood around and watched the WAC get castrated and did absolutely nothing.

Today was a stay of excecutionfor the WAC and It's Karl Benson's fault we are in this damn mess!!