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The Daily Aggie :: 02/16/11 | bleedCrimson.net :: Your Source for NMSU Aggies Sports News

The Daily Aggie :: 02/16/11

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Very disappointing loss last night for the Aggie women as they lost 57-52 to Hawai'i. The freshman vs. freshman rebounding battle we had hoped to see never materialized as it was a one-sided affair with the winner Kamilah Jackson from Hawai'i. In fact, the battle on the boards was a one-sided affair with Hawai'i crushing the Aggies on the boards 52-32. The 19 offensive rebounds by Hawai'i were a killer for the Aggies. One possession in particular summed up the rebounding last night. Late in the game with the Aggies trailing UH by six, Kamilah Jackson stole the ball from Tabytha Wampler, the ball got to Shawna-Lei Kuehu who put up a shot, missed, grabbed her own rebound, put up another shot, missed and Jackson got the rebound. Eventually Megan Tinnin would commit a foul as the Aggies and Wahine battled for a loose ball but Hawai'i nearly got three shots off in trip down the floor and in doing so, took just about a minute off the game clock.

The turning point in the game, however, was an exchange with just under nine minutes left to play. The Aggies had battled back from a nine-point deficit to take a two point lead after a three pointer from Jasmine Lowe. They had built up momentum and it looked like maybe they would give themselves a little cushion. Christina Fletcher was fouled and went to the free throw line for a one-and-one. Fletcher, in her defense, had only been to the free throw line 14 times the entire season (to her credit she had made 10 of those attempts. She ended up airballing the free throw. Hawai'i got the ball and on the other end, Fletcher committed a foul on Kuehu who was in the act of shooting and made the basket. Kuehu converted the free throw for the old-fashioned three point play and the Aggies would never lead in the game again.

For the Aggies, this loss is especially disappointing considering the Wahine had lost 18 consecutive WAC road games and this loss also keeps the Aggies in sixth place in the standings, 1.5 games behind Nevada and Idaho and 3.5 games behind Utah State. It also makes their job of attaining a Top 4 seed and at least a first round bye that much more difficult. The Aggies host SJSU on Thursday night and Fresno State on Monday night. Then they travel to Utah State and Nevada next Thursday and Saturday. Realistically the Aggies need to go 3-1 in that stretch to maintain hopes of a top 4 seed heading into the final weekend at home where they'll host Idaho and Boise State.

The good news for the Aggies is all three of those teams who are ahead of them still have to face Louisiana Tech and both Nevada and Idaho have to face both Louisiana Tech and Fresno State. Idaho has the toughest finish out of the five teams battling for spots 2, 3 and 4 (we'll lump Fresno State in there as well just because they have two losses and could still conceivably drop out of the 2-seed). Idaho ends the season with Nevada, Utah State, at Fresno, at NMSU and at LA Tech.

If the Aggies can right the ship they still have a good shot at a top four finish but they will definitely need to play much better than they did last night.

On a side note, Madison Spence, who continues to play well in her final season as an Aggie, notched her very first career double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Madison did it all last night as she also notched five assists and five steals to go along with those double-double numbers (to put it another way, she was halfway to a quadruple-double).

Every college sports fan is probably aware of the acronym BMOC (if you're not, it stands for Big Man On Campus). Well, Hofstra's Charles Jenkins is said BMOC this morning after his heroics last night against William &Mary last night. A video is worth a thousand words. Check it out (H/T Mike Miller- MSNBC, Pete Thamel- NYT, @AJVoepel and our friends Rush The Court)

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