Jene Coppedge's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: October 11th, 2011

Hello All Aggie Fans!

We had an awesome week and weekend on the road and came back with three wins under our belt to show for it! We started off with a victory over our in-state rival UNM on Tuesday, then picked up sweeps over Reno on Thursday and Fresno on Saturday.

We are beginning to play some of our best volleyball yet and it is very exciting to see and experience. We have really come together even more over this past week in preparation for our big battle tomorrow evening… Hawaii.

We are all very focused and determined to come out on top and it has been very evident in our practices lately. We have all made commitments to each other to put the team first and fight with all our hearts this week, and so far everyone has made huge strides. We have one more practice today to get some good work in before show time. We can hardly wait! The energy and excitement that has been coming from this team this week is almost unreal and we hope to show you that tomorrow! Everyone come out and support! Make lots of noise and help cheer us to victory!

After our big match tomorrow night, we have an early match on Saturday. We play San Jose at home at 2:00 pm. We are all pumped for some time at home with friends and family. Traveling can really take its toll on us so we really appreciate home that much more when we are here. It is also refreshing to hear “GO AGGIES” from fans, as opposed to what we hear on the road. I hope everyone can make it out to the games and has a very blessed week!

Jene Coppedge