Weekly Coach Menzies Interview :: 11/15/11 Your thoughts on the Northern Colorado game, a couple of things that you were pleased with and a couple things that you want to work on before the game against UNM?
Marvin Menzies: I liked the team chemistry on the road, I liked they way they handled the routine. The experienced guys kind of walking the younger kids through the whole road game scenario and it was good to see that leadership there. The on court intensity I thought was good. We ended up wearing them down just on our stye of play throughout the game which was the plan going in. I think we need to work on some execute and subtle nuances on offense and defense in terms of playing when we're a little fatigued. I think that comes with repetition and conditioning and so we'll continue to work on that. What were your thoughts on the touches in the post for Hamidu and Chili in the game against Northern Colorado and how much of a focus will that be in the game against UNM?
MM: It's always going to be a focus to go where we have potential mismatches and where we have advantages. We didn't get as many post touches as we would have liked but that's not uncommon when you play at the speed of play that we're playing at. We've got to get them to run the floor a little better and then to get our spacing a little more organized so we can get them those opportunities as well. I think going into UNM our game plan is still the same in terms of concentrating on what we're going to do to try to maximize our opportunity to win the game. Bandja Sy had a good game against Northern Colorado, what does he need to do to continue to have that type of impact?
MM: I think Bandja, like the other guys, has to continue to put his emphasis on the defense and keep the focal point on rebounding and defending and the offense will be something that comes as a result of those two things. You were able to put a lot of pressure on Northern Colorado with your press, is that something you believe you can do against UNM?
MM: I don't know. I think UNM will be better prepared for it by the way that they practice and by the way they probably defend themselves. I think teams that defend with that type of pressure usually are not as susceptible to being defended that way. They get a chance to see it daily. I don't anticipate turning them over 20-plus times on their own floor but the things we need to work on are in that same vain. We need to work on not turning the ball over. We had 20 or 21 turnovers ourselves. Luckily we turned them over as many times but if we didn't at Northern Colorado, then that would have been a huge problem for us and it could have swayed the game the other way.