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Aggie football coach DeWayne Walker must feel like he stuck in some sort of evil Groundhog Day scenario. Aggie offensive coordinator Doug Martin is taking over the same position at Boston College, a big promotion for a man who turned the Aggie offense around in just one season. It's a great move for Martin and we wish him the best of luck but for the Aggie football team, it means a fifth offensive coordinator in five years and Coach Walker's fourth in four years. As Coach Walker noted in the press release, it's a testament to the type of coaches who the program is bringing in when bigger schools start poaching your assistants (and for the record Lenzmeier and Martin are the only two coaches who have left for "greener pastures", Rosenbach, Williams and Lindsey were let go and Dunbar quit), however, at some point it becomes a bit of a detriment.

It's not just on the offensive side of the ball either. The Aggie defense will essentially be working under their third defensive coordinator in four seasons under Coach Walker. If you remember, Walker was the DC the first season and part of the second season then relinquished the duties to Dale Lindsey who became the DC the remainder of the second season and all of last season.

You've probably watched a nationally televised college football game in which the commentators have talked about a player or group of players who have had to go through multiple coaching changes and/or coordinator changes and how it has impacted their growth and/or development as a player. That's the biggest concern for us. The Aggies have some very good talent and that talent level will continue to get better through recruiting, however, at some point, not having any consistency in terms of coordinators could prevent the Aggies from reaching their full potential.

Probably the best example of what we're talking about is the San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Alex Smith. He was the number one overall draft pick of the 49ers but up until this season he's never really had much success. A large part of that can be attributed to the fact that he is now in his seventh season with the 49ers and he has had seven different offensive coordinators. Obviously that's not the only reason he didn't have success in his first six seasons but it's definitely near the top of the list.

We're sure that Coach Walker will find some very quality coaches to fill out the vacancies on the staff, that's something we have no doubt about. However, for the Aggies to be as truly successful as we think they can be under Coach Walker, the Aggies need to be able to hang on to coordinators for more than one season.

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