Calling All Aggies :: Where Are We Going

Written By: Steve Macy, NM State Associate Athletic Director

Marketing is a funny word. To some it means sales. To others it means branding. To a few it means promotions. Still others believe it is about advertising. Each person holds their own “definition” of marketing and it filters into their perception of what is being done or not being done.

Truly, marketing is some of it all.

In the coming weeks, NM State athletics will be partnering with Ticketmaster to upgrade the ticketing system to allow renewals of season tickets online. Personally, this is a very welcome addition, as I have shared the frustration of many at being unable to renew my season tickets online with a simple credit card transaction.

Further, we are working on ticket sales assistance that has been needed for some time. Major league clubs in the NBA, MLB, NHL and now even the NFL have been relying on ticket sales associates to sell distressed ticket inventory to businesses and fans alike. NCAA schools have been slow to recognize this need, but now we are seeing the trend enter the college athletics arena.

Our goals are lofty: increase football season ticket equivalencies s to 15,000 and men’s basketball to 5,000. The goal is not simply to increase revenues, but rather to create an environment that makes going to an Aggie game the highlight of our fans’ entertainment. No matter how good the atmosphere, facilities, ancillary entertainment, or weather, if a fan has to walk five feet to celebrate a big play with another fan, the overall energy and feel of the game will wane. More people equals more energy and more fun for our fans.

Economically, a better fan base is important to the community. Imagine what 20,000 fans at a football game means to restaurants, hotels, shops and other businesses both before and after the game. Fans from surrounding communities means that businesses in Las Cruces could have more traffic, need more employees, and purchase more supplies. We want those home football games to become a source of pride… and economic gain for the entire community.

In other words, increasing our attendance through strategic sales efforts is not only important to the athletic budget and our fans, but rather, it is vital to our community. We all share this wonderful community here in the Mesilla Valley, a place I am proud to call home. The love we have for the area is sometimes only eclipsed by the passion we share for the Aggies. With new sales efforts coming soon, we will be better positioned to directly impact economic development in the Mesilla Valley.

So, marketing may mean different things to different people, but ultimately the marketing we do for NM State athletics has a distinct goal in mind: generating a source of pride and economic development for the entire community.

I hope that 2012 brings you immense joy and happiness. Go Aggies!

We Are All Crimson