Jordan Bostic's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: March 27th, 2007

Jordan Bostic is a member of the 2006 NMSU Aggies Volleyball team. Jordan was second on the team in both digs (311) and digs per game (2.47) and was named to the academic All-WAC team in 2006 with a GPA of 4.0. Jordan will be a senior in the fall and is majoring in Journalism/Mass Communication and she'll be filing entries in the Aggie Volleyball Diary throughout the 2007 season, giving fans a taste of life on the volleyball team.

I must confess: spring is not my favorite time of year. For one thing, our volleyball season is in the fall, so spring is officially our "offseason." I know spring is filled with blooming flowers and rising temperatures, but when I think of spring, I am reminded of early morning conditioning sessions, heavy weightlifting and tough practices! However, this time - late March through April - is my very favorite time of my least favorite season because this is tournament time. All day spring tournaments are always a welcome reprieve from scrimmaging each other everyday in practice.

We took our team to Tuscon this past weekend to compete in the University of Arizona's spring tournament. It's always an interesting tournament because we spend the first part of the week all over the country in various locations enjoying our spring break from school. But then, we all come back a few days early, have one practice and then jet off the Tuscon to play for the first time since the first week of December. We graduated three key players, so I think we were all interested to see how our younger girls would be able to fill their spots. Overall, I give them an A +!

By the end of the tournament, we had successfully defeated UNM, UTEP, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Actually, we never even lost a game. I must admit, I knew we had the potential to play well, but the spring is a time for learning (sometimes the hard way), so the first tournament is often a little rocky. I'm not saying we played perfectly or anything, but we had some girls really come out and give great performances in their first ever college matches. It was pretty exciting to see!

In two weeks, we will return to Tuscon to scrimmage Arizona and Northern Arizona. Until then, it's back to early morning workouts and afternoon practices.

On an Italy-trip note, the trip is still on and fundraising is going well. I want to thank anyone who bought a refreshing beverage from our Pepsi cart at the WAC Basketball Tournament. All of the proceeds from that went into our Italy fund. The trip is scheduled for May 21, so we are making our final fundraising push. Anyone who wants to donate is more than welcome! GO AGGIES!