Aggie Equestrian Defeats TCU

Written By: NM State Athletic Dept.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - The New Mexico State Equestrian team defeated TCU, Saturday, 12-6 at the NM State Equestrian Center. The Aggies are now 7-6 on the season and have won five of their last eight competitions.

“I’m extremely pleased with the way our entire team performed today,” head coach Audry Buck said. “We rode with confidence and now we need to continue to work hard and stay forced these next few weeks as we prepare for Auburn and Fresno State.”

The Hunter Seat team won with a score of 7-3, while the Western team was victorious by a score of 5-3.

The Aggies won three head-to-head matchups in Equitation on the Flat, as Rudy Jenkins was named MVP after an 83-61 win over Demi Stiegler. Stephanie Gershon defeated Haley Jacobi, 81-63, while Brianna Raab won her head-to-head matchup, 76-68, over Callie Selchau. NM State then won four of five points in Equitation over Fences, as Emily McConnell was named MVP with a 71-69 win over Jacobi. Gershon won her second head-to-head matchup, as Elizabeth Solomon won 75-49 over Selchau. Laura Bostwick took the final point for the Aggies with an 81-73 win over Stiegler.

The Western team handled TCU, as Jessica Woolsey was named MVP in Horsemanship with a 75-72.5 win over Taylor Prince. Clarissa Edgerton beat Alexie Estrada, 73-72. Megan Gould and Lauren DeVoe both rode extremely well, tying their opponents. The Aggies then won Reining 3-1 over TCU, as Stefanie Story started it off with a 76.5-72.5 win over Katie Gray. Marissa Bartman rode past Samantha Bayer, 73-72, as Tara Wilson rounded out the Aggie competitors with a 72.5-71 win over Devin Spencer.

The Aggies will be back in action on March 9-10 against Auburn and Fresno State at the NM State Equestrian Center.